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Personal Loan in Ahmedabad by BAJAJ FINSERV - Apply Now

Bajaj Finserv is known for its progressive steps in the financial sector on personal loans extending these instruments to individuals across the country. They are reputed for their positioning on rates of interest. Individuals can apply for these loans for a variety of purposes and Bajaj Finserv offers them in the rage of Rs. 50,000 to 25 lakhs. The bank needs good credit history in terms of a CIBIL Score as well as employment records, salary certificate and current overheads to extend low interest loans with easy and instant approval.

Any purpose including weddings, vacation travel, home renovation, medical treatment etc can be met with these loans. The amount of loan, repayment term and interest rate will ultimately decide the EMIs. Bajaj Finserv offers pre-closure of loans with a charge of about 4%-5% after the loan has been serviced for a specific period

Go ahead and apply for your BAJAJ FINSERV Personal Loan in Ahmedabad. Get customized Personal Loan offers at Lowest Interest Rates from BAJAJ FINSERV in Ahmedabad
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Personal Loans in Ahmedabad

There are multiple banks in Ahmedabad which offer personal loans such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak bank, Axis bank and many more. There are also multiple NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv, Fullerton, Tata Capital, etc in Ahmedabad which also offer unsecured personal loans according to your profile.

Ahmedabad is also known as Amdavad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat and very close to the state capital of Gandhinagar. The city is known as an industrial, economic, commercial and business hub with a high rate of development. The city has 192 municipal councils which comprise its administrative area. The city historically was a big trading market for cotton and has transformed into a business hub and focal point for the automotive, pharma and petrochemical industries. The city has a high rate of development and contains branches of all major banking companies.

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BAJAJ FINSERV Personal Loan in Ahmedabad is rated
   4.8 / 5.0  by 2 users

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Madhavi Krishna 4.5/5
I am normally not going to private sector banks because of high rates but the process was so fast it was suprising, keep it up Bajaj Finserv & Cashkumar

Amit Bhaskar 5/5
From now on I will only search bank loan online, this is so easy. Bajaj people having Cashkumar in the same team makes it easy

Cashkumar has been rated    4.8/5.0  by 2 users