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Best Personal Loans in Hulimavu, Bangalore

The literal meaning of the name Hulimavu in Kannada is Sour Mangoes. This area was previously known as Amarapura, which was administrated by Sarakki. The Saarakeya ruler has built the Kodandarama Swami Temple in 17th century. Around 1850 AD the temple was renovated with the installation of idols of Seeta, Lakshmana and Anjenaya Swami. Sri Kodandarama Swamy Bramhostava is celebrated here every year.

There are several temples in this locality, some of them are Gavi Gangadhareshwara Temple, Shree Kodandarama Swami Temple, Shree Raghavendra Swami Mutt, Bhagavati Mandira, Someshwara Temple, Meenakshi Temple, Vaishno Devi Temple, Ganapati Temple, Mutturayaswami Temple, Cave Temple, Kempamma Temple, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Manjunatha Swami Temple, Vasavi Devi Temple.

Hulimavu is close to Bannergattha which is famous for its Zoo. Bannergattha is also one of the fast developing residential localities in Bangalore. Bannerghatta road is a state highway with a 49 km stretch connecting to the nearby towns Jigini, Anekal etc. The prestigious Indian institute of Management is located in this area.

Personal loans in Bangalore are given by most major banks and financial institutions to individuals without asking for the requirement or need. They are unsecured loans given from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 40,00,000 which means that you need not mortgage anything or show an asset. The most common reason for taking a loan is debt consolidation. Some of the other reasons include medical, travel, home renovation, wedding and so on.

You need to have a good credit history and adequate salary to get a loan sanctioned. Other factors like years of employment, company you work for etc will determine the most important factors like amount, tenure and rate of interest. Some of the banks in Bangalore give you the flexibility to pre-close the loan without any additional charges. Most banks have a pre-closure charge in the 4%-5% range.

There are multiple banks which offer a personal loan in Bangalore such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak bank, Axis bank and so one. There are also multiple NBFC’s in Bangalore such as Bajaj Finserv, Fullerton, Tata Capital, etc which offer unsecured personal loans.

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There are multiple banks which offer personal loans such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak bank, Axis bank and many more. There are also multiple NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv, Fullerton, Tata Capital, etc which also offer unsecured personal loans according to your profile.

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