Cashkumar Refer is an excellent opportunity which opens a whole new category of income for you. The idea is simple and something which you might already be doing at a personal level. You would have come across many of your friends, colleagues or acquaintances who would have asked you financial questions regarding personal loans. Well now you can provide them the exact help they need by referring them to Cashkumar. All you need to provide us are, their name, mobile number and email. Upon successful phone verification, they will be added as your referral and we will talk to them and suggest them the best option for them for their personal loan.

Then we collect their documents such as ID Proof, Address Proof, Income Proof etc and submit it to our bank/partner and help with the loan disbursal.

Become a Referral Partner

It is free and takes approximately 21 seconds

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Phone: +91 7795500188

  • Register on Cashkumar with your details like Name, Email and Mobile Number
  • After registration, you can start referring people who are looking for unsecured loans
  • We check with your referral and help him/her get the loan from the best source (Bank/NBFC/Individual Lenders)
  • Upon successful loan disbursal, you will get upto 0.5% of the loan amount

You will have access to a dashboard, which you will see when you login. This dashboard will highlight all your referrals and their status. Using this dashboard, you can choose to withdraw your earnings through referrals and keep referring more people.