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Tata Capital is a large non-banking financial institution operating in the realms of consumer credit, business and micro finance among other areas. To address the growing needs of businesses across India, Tata Capital offers business loans with flexi EMI options which cater to the diverse needs that help you defray the loan amount as you advance in your goals.

The loans need not need any guarantors or security as they are unsecured with the decision for approval depending on the stability and profitability of your business. You need to provide proofs in terms of your ITR statements, bank accounts and other simple documents. These are to prove that the business has been existing for more than 3 years as a minimum criteria and for revenue and income records. Tata Capital has a lenient and flexible policy as far as EMIs are concerned with a feature to pre-pay the loan.

Personal loans are required for businesses to meet their short term operational plans which might include working capital requirements, cash flow or small asset purchase. They are not recommended for long gestation projects or capital purchases with future growth. The business loan from Tata Capital is short term in nature with immediate payments of EMIs as soon as the start of the loan tenure. With onus on the flexibility of payments, Tata Capital provides a sound financial instrument for businesses which are looking at credit with immediate gains to repay the loan in advance.

To know more about the facilities and options provided by Tata Capital business loans, give us a call on our displayed numbers or fill our eligibility form to get a call back and discuss your requirement.

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Business Loans from Banks & NBFCs

There are multiple banks which offer business loans such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak bank, Axis bank and many more. There are also multiple NBFCs such as Bajaj Finserv, Fullerton, Tata Capital, Capital First, Lendingkart etc which offer unsecured business loans according to your profile.

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Documents required for Business Loans

Documentation can be a difficult task when it comes to any kind of financial service. For Business Loans, we make it easier for you and help you with your documentation.

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Basic Eligibility Criteria for Business Loans

  • Age of the applicant should be between 21 - 60 Years
  • Business should have a vintage of atleast 3 years
  • Business should have IT returns filed for the last 3 years
  • Business Individual should be staying in the city for at least 1 Year
  • Business should have all company documents adhering to the state laws
  • You would require basic documentation such as your address proof, identity proof, latest bank statements etc
  • Business Financials which include the overall turnover and profit after taxes should also be available