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Tata Capital Loans

TATA CAPITAL Personal Loan Interest Rates

Tata Capital is a subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd, one of India’s most diversified and respected groups. It is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) which offers services in the areas of loans, credit cards, consumer finance, investment banking, commercial finance, security, forex and other financial services. Tata Capital caters to customers across the country through their over 100 branches spread nation-wide.

Tata Capital Personal Loans

Tata Capital offers loans and finance options to a wide spectrum of individuals across a variety of financial backgrounds. The loans require minimum documentation and are easy to get. There are also options for instant approval online and flexi EMIs.

  • Offer a flexi EMI facility to provide multiple repayment options matching the needs of the loan taker including options to increase or decrease EMIs annually
  • Provide instant online approvals in selective cases (conditions apply)
  • Require minimal documentation and offer a hassle-free application process

Tata Capital advances loans for a variety of reasons including personal loans, marriage loans, renovation loans, travel loans, mortgage loans, business loans, car and two wheeler loans, durable finance etc.
While calculating the interest rate of Tata Capital we need to understand the multiple parameters that play a role in arriving at this number. The parameters to calculate Tata Capital interest rate could be the loan amount required, the company you are working in, the tenure of the loan amount, the salary bracket that you are in and so on. Tata Capital interest amount a portion of the loan amount over and above the principal amount which is repaid to Tata Capital. Tata Capital interest rate is usually depicted as a percentage of the loan which is calculated annually and also known as Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Each Tata Capital EMI repayment has a portion which goes towards the principal amount and the remaining is calculated as Interest. Usually, the interest portions are higher in the initial EMI’s and reduce as the EMI’s progress. On the other hand, the EMI adjusted against the principal amount is lower in the start of EMI repayment and increase as the tenure progresses.

Tata Capital has categorised companies into different segments. Some of these categories and the companies that fall in each category are depicted in the table below.

Category Company List RoI
Super CAT A
3M India Limited
A A I (Airports Authority Of India)
A.B.B Ltd
A.B.G Shipyard Ltd
A C C Ltd.
A I A Engineering Ltd
A R S S Infrastructure Projects Ltd.
Aarti Industries Ltd
Aban Offshore Ltd.
13.99% to 14.50%
Avasarala Technologies Ltd.
AMD Research And Development Center India Pvt Ltd.
Godrej Infotech
ICICI Lombard General Insurance
Max New York Life Insurance Company Ltd (MNYL)
Reliance Group
SAP India Pvt Ltd.
Nokia India (P) Ltd.
Novartis India Ltd
15.50% to 16.00%
Bajajsons Ltd.
Gitanjali Gems Ltd
Badve Autocomps Pvt Ltd.
Atlas Castalloy Ltd.
Apollo Metalex Pvt Ltd.
ANS Steel Tubes Private Limited
Abhay Cotex Pvt Ltd.
A & U Tibbia College
A B C India Ltd
16.00% to 16.50%
Dutta Buildcon Pvt Ltd
Asia Match Co Pvt Ltd.
Dai-Ichi Karkaria Ltd
Anand Motor Products Pvt Ltd.
Alpha Foam Ltd.
Agog Pharma Ltd.
Audience Measurement And Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
Adam Fabriwork Pvt. Ltd.
A P W President Systems Ltd.
16.50% to 17.00%

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