Your Trusted Investment Partner

Your investment seeks a trusted avenue and you get this assurance from Cashkumar as an RBI licensed NBFC ā€“ P2P company. A responsibility to lenders and mandate for transparency we value above everything

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Old concept, New Spin

The concept of lending and borrowing is as old as money itself. We simply provide a platform that sorts quality borrowers, enables the transaction and collects the EMIs but at a nation-wide scale

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Short Term & Rolling

We deal in small loans of 20K to 1 lakh for tenures between 3-12 months to salaried individuals only. A dependable job profile plus smaller return window mean you can turn around your funds quickly and earn higher returns

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Returns that make sense

Lending should not be confined to institutions when all they do is balance risk. Invest in loans, leave the difficult part to us and enjoy the returns. An IRR of over 20%, comparable to the most lucrative instruments and under 4% defaults

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Easy Investing

Lending money is as easy as you want it to be. If you are an involved investor, then there is data for you to choose borrowers. For bulk investors, easy risk buckets are provided. All very simple, made possible through technology

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Established Pedigree

The app is new, but we have been in the P2P business for over 3 years. A span which has seen over 4000 loans disbursed with a net value of over 17 crores across 9 cities in India through a patron base of over 1500 lenders and growing

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Best Investment Opportunities with good returns via Peer to Peer Lending on Cashkumar

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Total Interest Earned
ā‚¹3.03 crores



as on March 2nd 2020

Actual Lender Returns

Ms Swati Prasad

32 yrs, Homemaker, Bangalore

  • Total Investments 224
  • Returns 23.37%*
  • Investing since Nov 2017
Mr Kuldeep Kumar

30 yrs, IT Professional, Bangalore

  • Total Investments 45
  • Returns 21.08%*
  • Investing since May 2018
Mr Yuvraj Prasad

38 yrs, Govt Servant, Delhi NCR

  • Total Investments 24
  • Returns 23.85%*
  • Investing since Sep 2018

*Post NPA (delays over 90 days) losses