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Personal Loan

Personal Loan

We are an online P2P lending platform focused on helping people obtain personal loans from Individual lenders. Loan amounts can start from ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1.5 lakhs with tenures ranging 3 months to 12 months. As specialists we have a solution for every requirement and profile, from salary advance and short-term loan to P2P loan and Personal loan with services in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Coimbatore and Visakhapatnam. We have over 1200 registered individual lenders and have disbursed over 13 crores in personal loans via P2P Lending.

Marriage Loan

Marriage Loan

Marriage loan in India can be availed through Cashkumar to fund your relationship goals. We help you find the best wedding loan deals to finance your dream wedding. Marriages are not events to compromise and we are here to help you get those additional funds to make it a memorable affair. Choose an amount based on your requirement and we will connect you with individual lenders with the best offer.

Personal Loan Balance Transfer

Balance Transfer and Topup

It is unnecessary for you to be stuck with the same interest rate on your personal loan. Use the balance transfer option available with most banks and NBFCs to lessen the rate and pay lower EMI. Apply here to find out attractive balance transfer deals are extended for festive seasons or to select companies. Top-up can also be obtained on current loan or through balance transfer from our partners. We also provide top-ups on short-term and P2P loans.

Business Loan

Business Loan

We offer business loans at attractive interest rates through our partners to self-employed individuals as well as professionals. Whether you have established operations and need funds for expansion or a doctor, CA, CS with a need to finance growth, we provide help in choosing the right institution. Through our tie-ups with banks, NBFCs and online platforms, we help facilitate a loan that fits your requirement.

Peer to Peer Lending India

Peer to Peer Lending in India

The RBI has released guidelines and licensed some companies, including Cashkumar, to act as platforms providing peer to peer loans. These crowd funded loans provide the options for under-funded and financially excluded individuals to access a source of credit. Individuals with money can finance loans and earn returns through interest applicable on the loans. We are the future of alternate finance and with 2 years of experience facilitating peer to peer lending, offer a recognized and proven service for borrowers and lenders. Check out our customer stories and reviews.

Short Term Loan

Short Term Loan

Perfect for urgent, small requirements short-term loans are a product exclusively offered by us through the P2P network. Personal Loan amounts upto 1 Lakh that can be paid within 10 months help meet urgent requirements and zero pre-closure charges mean they can be closed within 3 months. The loans are ideal for individuals who are new to credit or rebuilding their credit profile. Meet requirements like part-filled personal loans, outstanding payments or personal needs by applying here.

Debt Consolidation Loan

Debt Consolidation Loan

Personal loans and credit cards while being great financial instruments can also be a noose in difficult times. Over dependence on loans and multiple credit products lead to confusion, high burden and ultimately a possible default. Remove these uncertainties from your financial portfolio by consolidating all personal loans and credit card outstanding into a single loan. We connect you to banks who can aggregate your obligations while also lowering the interest rate and reducing the overall EMI

Medical Loan

Medical Loan

Accidents and emergencies are an unpleasant reality of our lives and unsecured loans provide a recourse when are scarce. Apply for personal loans and be eligible for instant provisional approvals depending on the institution. Draw upon our individual lenders if the need is small and avail quick processing. Be it an accident, surgery, dental treatment or cosmetic touch up, we provide medical loans to fulfil all your medical necessities

Travel Loan

Travel Loan

It is essential for the millennial life to travel and experience the world. Finance should not be a constraint to meet this objective and do it while age permits. Meet these goals through affordable travel loans by applying with us. The platform helps you identify the right set of institutions and choose an amount and tenure. Check our EMI calculator to find out the affordability of a loan plan. Read up on processing fees to know the amount you will get in hand and if it is a small quick getaway then apply for a short-term loan and get a fast disbursal.

Home Renovation Loan

Home Renovation Loan

Have a new home and looking for fresh funds to repair, decorate, makeover or refurbish it? Apply for a home renovation loan and with us and connect with major institutions who can help meet your requirement. Avail unsecured loans with amounts of upto 20 lakh with attractive options and deals. Lead a happy and fulfilling life and make your house a place you love to come back to. Check out details of documents required and use your nifty eligibility calculator to find out the loan amount that could be funded



The essential factor which defines your credibility in the lending market is your credit or CIBIL score. Learn more about how credit scores affect your loan prospects and means to improve it. Check out our link on free credit score calculator and know your approximate score. Or apply with us for a P2P loan if your score is slightly lower and there is a small requirement. We shall check your credit history and offer a loan if possible and report timely payments to improve score

Private Finance

Private Finance

The situation is clear and regulations are in place to get finance from private individuals as unsecured personal loans. As a salaried individual you can access a legitimate and regulated source of private finance. We automate the process and make it transparent by providing clear eligibility norms, analysing credit profile and arranging legal documentation. All monetary matters are clarified with an electronic trail so neither party feels short-changed.

Cashkumar P2P Lending reviews

Cashkumar is one of India’s leading P2P lending companies offering personal loans and short term loans to borrowers since 2016. We have disbursed over 1500 P2P loans till date and nearly 800+ lenders have chosen to invest in peer to peer lending through us to help borrowers in need. With online P2P lending becoming a valid investment route, our short-term loans help people secure finances for their various needs. As one of India’s early P2P lending platforms we are at the forefront of creating an alternate channel of credit and investment.

Peer to peer lending is a transaction between individuals which helps borrowers get a loan at a specific interest rate through people with access to money. As a P2P lending platform, we undertake the entire credit evaluation process, legal documentation and collections making it easy for people to invest in P2P loans. Borrowers outside the ambit of the current financial apparatus due to reasons like company not listed with banks, new to credit and debt burden can access funds through Cashkumar's online P2P lending process.

As a P2P lending company, we help the aspirations of borrowers requiring short loans for needs such as travel, medical aid, home renovation, wedding, loan consolidation etc. The P2P loans offered through Cashkumar are for shorter periods with a cap on the maximum amount. Borrowers can pay back the loan as EMIs which are collected and transferred to the lenders. Cashkumar helps small investors access peer to peer lending as they can put in low amounts even upto Rs. 5000 per loan. Cashkumar conforms with all guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India and has a valid NBFC-P2P Certificate of Registration since July 2018.


P2P Lenders to the Rescue of MSMEs   (1st April 2019)

Access to credit is one of the most painful points among the MSMEs in India. However, with alternate data, GST data stack and AI-driven algorithms, MSMEs are hoping for a change in the credit positions - P2P lenders have stepped up to take up the challenge.

Every transaction is validated multiple times on P2P platforms: Cashkumar   (11th March 2019)

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms facilitate lending and borrowing money online. With the ease of digital transactions comes the threat of data theft. spoke to Dhiren Makhija, CEO, Cashkumar, about the safety of personal and financial information shared on the P2P platforms

Will ban on unregulated deposit schemes benefit P2P lending?   (28th February 2019)

The next time you are looking for an unsecured loan, make sure you reach out to the right lender. Accepting unregulated deposits will now be illegal. Government has brought an ordinance to ban unregulated deposit schemes (UDS) to protect individual investors from spurious lenders and Ponzi schemes.

Banning of unregulated deposits will attract SMEs to invest though regulated institutions: P2P lending players   (27th February 2019)

The latest ordinance of the Banning of Unregulated Deposits (UDS) 2019, passed by the government will attract attention of small investors to invest though regulated institutions like NBFC-P2P platforms that provide highly transparent environment under the guidance of the RBI, said a P2P lending player.

Banning of UDS to benefit P2P Lending Industry   (27th February 2019)

The latest ordinance of the Banning of Unregulated Deposits (UDS) 2019, was passed by the government to provide a comprehensive mechanism to ban UDS as well as to protect the interest of depositors. This is in line with the Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines on the NBFC-P2P sector, issued in October 2017 to regulate the unorganized lending business in the country.

All you need to know about peer-to-peer lending platforms   (5th February 2019)

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms offer themselves an easy solution to borrow money for short-term requirements. This could be buying consumer electronics, medical emergency, repay credit card dues, home renovation, business loan, travel loan, or other such needs.

RBI directs P2P lenders to file quarterly reports on key metrics: Report   (29th January 2019)

To effectively assess the performance of peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has directed licence holders of these firms to publish quarterly reports. These reports will include key information such as names of borrowers and lenders, their financial profiles, participant’s total exposure and the financial health of the lending platforms, a media report said.

P2P industry expectations from Budget 2019   (31st January 2019)

"While a great boost to the P2P industry would be via the regulator easing lending caps, we look forward to a critical role from the finance ministry for better financial inclusion by extending SOPs to retail investors," says Dhiren Makhija, CEO, Cashkumar. "This could be in the form or a certain percentage exempt via Section 80C and also flexibility of handling defaults under a capital loss. These steps will ensure a great reach as an asset class and also better credit access to both individuals and MSMEs," adds Makhija.

Technology fuelling growth of alternative credit  (11th January 2019)

P2P lending platform Cashkumar is focused on short term loans for salaried individuals. The Benguluru-headquartered company sees a fifth of the loan demand coming from Hyderabad and so far has disbursed about Rs 2 crore loans. Its co-founder and chief executive officer Dhiren Makhija summarises trends happening to B Krishna Mohan

With 2018 hiccups gone, P2P companies look at 2019 with high hopes (24th December 2018)

2018 was a landmark year for the peer-to-peer (P2P) industry. As many as 11 P2P players received the RBI licence to operate as an NBFC-P2P company. There were over 30 P2P platforms in India in 2016 but only a handful of them succeeded in obtaining the RBI licence so far.


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