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P2P Lending

Looking to earn solid returns
on an investment?

Become a verified P2P lender on Cashkumar and earn high returns with a monthly cash flow. Our stringent credit analysis algorithms filters quality borrowers and helps you diversify your investments across multiple risk categories.

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Batman of Financial Services Batman of Financial Services

We are the batman of financial services.
We fight to bring you the best service in less time at zero cost.


We calculate your eligibility for a financial service by analyzing your profile which includes key metrics like your age, your employment details and your salary. This information varies for different services as per the requirement.


We know paper work and documentation is a big headache for you. We strive to reduce this effort and help you fill the forms easily with the aid of our innovative technology.


Our algorithms scan your profile to identify the service provider who best matches you, so that you get the best service at the least cost.

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  • Cashkumar was swift, hassle free and trustworthy. Definitely recommend Cashkumar for all financial needs. 5/5
  • I tried your service for the first time and it works like charm. Really cool. Thanks a lot! 5/5
  • Forex was one less thing to worry about for us. Highly recommend Cashkumar!! 4.5/5
  • It was quick, safe and very convenient. Great work by a lean team! 4.5/5
  • The rates you get through them can't be matched by anyone else. Kudos to Cashkumar! 4.5/5
  • My currency exchange and travel insurance were done without stepping out of my home with the best rates. 5/5
  • Thanks once again for this brilliant application. 5/5
  • Recommended for people looking for good currency conversion at best rates! 4.5/5
  • I am a completely satisfied customer. 5/5
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