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Portfolio Performance

updated 27th Jan 2021

What is an NPA (Non-Performing Asset)?

Financial Institutions that lend or disburse loans to borrowers will mark loans as Non-Performing Assets (NPA) after 90 days of non-payment of interest or principal by the borrower. This can happen during the tenure of the loan or at maturity, if the borrower fails to pay the principal due.

Our NPA Ratio (updated on Jan 27th 2021)


This is calculated as a ratio between Total Principal Outstanding of loans overdue for more than 90 days to Total Amount of Loans disbursed on Cashkumar

Outstanding Dues (updated on Jan 27th 2021)

Bucket Percentage
0-29 days 5.07%
30-59 days 0.72%
60-89 days 0.48%
90-179 days 3.28%
180+ days 6.37%

* The NPA numbers are higher than usual, an impact of the global pandemic, which led to job losses across sectors leaving borrowers without any capacity to pay. This is an industry-wide trend and Cashkumar is following up with borrowers as per established fair practices and considering their current income situation to recover the dues.