Our Partners for SME lending

Cashkumar and our partners have created a secure & co-dependant ecosystem for business credit, aggregating investors on one side with borrowers on the other to solve one of the biggest need gaps in India. Our partners are deeply integrated with Cashkumar and primarily help in:

Borrower Analysis

Cashkumar Partners ensure that the borrowers are fully compliant for loans and also aid in collections, recovery and repayments of EMIs in a timely manner

Low NPAs

Partners ensure the delays and delinquencies are low, as the borrowers are heavily reliant on them for their business and operations

ElasticRun is a leading logistics and distribution company based out of Pune. Since its inception in March 2016, the company has expanded to over 200 cities across India. With the recent fund raise of $75 million, they are valued at over $400 million and are poised to become a unicorn in quick time. With their aggressive growth plans, ElasticRun is looking to further expand its services in multiple more tier 2 and tier 3 cities across India.

Cashkumar works primarily with ElasticRun and funds their customers which include Kirana Stores and Commodity Merchants. The products which have been active since March 2021 have a combined disbursal of over 1.8 crores with a default rate at a near 0%. The Return on Investment (RoI) for these products has been constantly between 11% to 14% per annum.

Want to become a P2P lender on Cashkumar?

All loans on Cashkumar are vetted and backed by our partners, thereby reducing risk considerably. Low investment quantums, high liquidity and rotation of your funds make this the best investment plan in India.

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