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Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan

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Bajaj Finserv is a non-banking financial company which was earlier part of the Bajaj Auto Group but later demerged to concentrate on the financial services business. It is the holding company of Bajaj Finance and Bajaj Allianz. It provides services in the areas of lending and personal finance, asset and wealth management and finally insurance. Bajaj Finserv provides loans and consumer finance services to individuals and small businesses.

Bajaj Finance provides access to loans to cover a wide range of financial requirements including personal loans, mortgage, business loans, loan against shares etc. They provide speedy and transparent service according to the specific requirement of the customer. For salaried professionals they have a 5 minute approval offer to ease the entire process.

  • Facility for 100% online personal loan approval in selected cases (Conditions Apply)
  • They provide personal loans for salaried professionals upto Rs 25 lakhs with avenue for part prepayment
  • Importantly there are no charges for foreclosure of the loan at any time

Bajaj Finance advances loans for a variety of reasons including personal loans, marriage loans, renovation loans, travel loans, mortgage loans, business loans, car and two wheeler loans, durable finance, lifestyle finance, gold loans etc

You are one step away from knowing your best personal loan offer from Bajaj Finance. Fill the simple form on our website and apply for Bajaj Finance personal loan online to know the rate that you can get. Bajaj Finance personal loan interest rate will vary as per your eligibility which can be calculated here. There is no charge in terms of a fee or a percentage of amount for the service delivered by us. We will take you through the whole process of applying for a Bajaj Finance loan and collect documents from your house or office. Your personal loan eligibility for Bajaj Finance is determined by various factors which will be calculated by our smart form as soon as you fill your details. The appropriate Bajaj Finance offer will be displayed along with options from other banks. If you are looking for instant online approval for Bajaj Finance personal loan contact us on our number or leave your details so our team can call you back.

BAJAJ FINSERV Personal Loan Interest Rates for you

BAJAJ FINSERV gives Personal Loans with varying interest rates that are unique and customized according to your profile. The key factors that affect your interest rate include your monthly take home salary, your Credit History (past or current loans, credit cards), your residence type in city, the company that you work for, any current EMIs that you are paying etc. Get a quote of the personal loan interest rate for your profile by clicking on the button below,

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BAJAJ FINSERV Personal Loan by Cashkumar is rated
   3.9 / 5.0  by 12 users

Documents for Personal Loans from BAJAJ FINSERV

Documentation can be a difficult task when it comes to any kind of financial service. For Personal Loans from BAJAJ FINSERV, we make it easier for you and help you with your documentation.

BAJAJ FINSERV Personal Loan Eligibility

You need to have a good credit history and adequate salary to get a loan sanctioned. Other factors like years of employment, company you work for etc will determine the most important factors like amount, tenure and rate of interest. Some of the banks in give you the flexibility to pre-close the loan without any additional charges. Most banks have a pre-closure charge in the 4%-5% range.

Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan Interest Rates

Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan Interest Rates
13% to 18%

The above is an approximate interest rate range for Personal Loans from BAJAJ FINSERV. Your actual interest rate may vary depending on your financial history, credit score and other parameters

Are you ready to explore the interest rates available for your BAJAJ FINSERV Personal Loan?

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BAJAJ FINSERV Personal Loan Reviews

BAJAJ FINSERV Personal Loan is rated
   3.9 / 5.0  by 12 users

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Ishika S 2/5
I had to push for my promised preclosure. Spent 5 days to get that going.

Abhay 5/5
Thanks for the prompt help. It was a pretty smooth process of applying for a personal loan with Bajaj Finserv. The Bajaj finserv team was also very responsive. I got the money in quick time.

Yash Pandey 4/5
This sure was a quick application and turnaround time. I am very glad to have found you guys. Appreciate the support from your team on keeping me posted on a timely basis on my application with Bajaj Finserv.

Shanmugam 4/5
I heard about you guys from one of my friend who had used your service for forex. I was exploring options for a pre-closure and the team highlighted on the different options available. I went ahead with a personal loan from Bajaj Finserv as I liked the way the Bajaj folks handled the complete process. Thanks Cashkumar team.

Lohit 5/5
Thanks for helping me with my marriage loan. The only challenge I had is that you guys first connected me to a non responsive bank post which you got me connected to the Bajaj Finserv for my personal loan. The team at Bajaj finserv handled the case very well and I am happy to have applied via you guys. Also thanks for my wedding gift voucher. You guys rock!

Preeti Sharma 4.5/5
My application to Bajaj Finserv via you platform helped me get a personal loan with Bajaj finserv in 3 days. I needed this for a medical emergency and you guys were sure a saviour. Thanks again for the help..I will definitely help you spread the word. All the best team!

Kunal Khan 4/5
I was looking for personal loan for renovating my house and you guys helped my promptly with my loan from Bajaj Finserv. My criteria was a quick loan and an option to make part payments and pre close the personal loan and you guys addressed the same well. I got a call from the Bajaj team in quick time and the complete process was detailed well by the team which helped in keeping my required documents ready. Amazing experience. Just wondering if the complete process could be made paper less but I guess regulations is a challenge around this. Thanks again Bajaj finser and Cashkumar team for helping me with a personal loan for starting my home renovation process.

Amit Mehra 4.5/5
Dear Cashkumar team – The best part about the experience was the different approach taken to capture my details. Unlike some of the other forms it was not bulky and the process was pretty simple. I like the way your team kept me posted on the process and the stage of the case. It was easy to complete the cycle in quick time. I applied for a personal loan Bajaj Finance as I needed an option to close this loan in quick time. The documents were collected and I got my loan in 5 days. I guess there was a small dely at my end in submitting the right documents required for the personal loan with Bajaj finance. I understand that you guys have just launched during the first week of August and I am sure you guys have a great thing going and all the best for the future.

Milind Rohan 4/5
Thanks you for helping me with my personal loan via Bajaj finserv. I got the 3 lakhs that I needs in quick time. This was infact for my mother’s surgery and hence the urgency to complete the loop. I will mostly close this loan in a shorter duration than the tenure opted for. Thanks!

Vamshi Krishna 4/5
Simple process, great customer support team and an amazing experience. Thank you Bajaj finance team and Cashkumar in helping me get this loan. This was one of the better experience vis-à-vis the previous 2 times I applied online for a personal loan.

Sudarshan Kumar 4.5/5
Thank you Bajaj finserv team and Cashkumar for helping me with my personal loan in Bangalore. Good stuff!

Mahesh 1/5
I was promied a zero preclosure option but currently the offer is not applicable. Vey disappointed with the service of Bajaj.

BAJAJ FINSERV Personal Loan by Cashkumar has been rated    3.9/5.0  by 12 users

Bajaj Finserv Features

  • Adaptable: Bajaj Finserv offers ZERO fore-closure charges on your Personal Loan which provides a great deal of flexibility when payment options are critical to your decision
  • Expanded: The entire Personal Loan offering is expanded with amounts of upto Rs. 25,00,000 available to suit any higher requirement you might have.
  • Easy to Access: The access to Bajaj loans is easy with simple documentation and a quick process to approve and disburse the loan
  • Convenient: The loans are convenient to access with an option to pre-pay 6 times in a calendar year

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