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Personal Loan for All from Cashkumar

Personal loan with instant approval

A personal loan is a quick credit advanced by Cashkumar without asking for security or an asset guarantee. These loans are funded by other individuals with income to invest making them similar to crowdfunding. Loans are approved based on your credit and financial position and must be repaid through EMIs over a set tenure. Cashkumar evaluates your overall portfolio and showcases your requirement to lenders who decide to fund based on their risk appetite. This means that you can stand a chance to get a personal loan on the platform even if there are a few drawbacks in your profile. The loan can be availed for a variety of requirements including travel, marriage/weddings, medical needs, home renovation, goods purchases, debt consolidation and others.

Basic eligibility that we look for include decent credit history, adequate salary and a steady bank record. Other factors like years of employment, employer, city you stay in, residence etc determine important details like eligible amount, tenure and interest rate. There are no charges for applying on the platform and a processing fee is deducted from the loan amount only at the time of disbursal.

Cashkumar caters to your small and urgent requirements and to helps you close high-interest debts or credit cards. You can apply for loan amounts between ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 as a first-time applicant for tenure between 3 to 12 months depending on eligibility. To apply for a loan, you must be atleast 21 years of age and be a salaried professional working in one of the 30 cities in India where we run operations. The company is licensed by the RBI to provide personal loan in India and is a certified NBFC-P2P.

Personal loan via P2P Lending

Cashkumar through its RBI licensed NBFC-P2P lending platform brings together borrowers and lenders to transact in personal loans. This model allows a lot of people who have been financially excluded like new to credit customers, people working in proprietorship/partnership companies and people with historical credit issues, get access to loans. People with money can participate in a new asset class and can invest by lending small amounts to multiple borrowe₹ Cashkumar undertakes the credit analysis of the applicants and approves borrowers based on multiple traditional & alternate data points. As compared to other sources, P2P lending allows people from all segments to apply and avail a loan with a quick, online process.

P2P lending in India

Personal Loan from Cashkumar

Cashkumar operates and approves loans in a sub-category where the loan requirement is between ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 for a loan tenure of 3 months to 12 months. We currently deal in personal loans with an instant approval and a 2-5 day disbursal process. All steps and documentation are mostly online to save you time and effort. There is also a facility to pre-close the loan at no extra charges or take a top-up loan if there is an additional requirement.

Why do you need a Personal Loan?

A personal can be taken for a variety of purposes and requirements. Some of these include:

Travel Loan: Going out and exploring the world is not a privilege anymore but a necessity for most of you tired of a busy life. Funds are not a constraint anymore as personal loans can be taken for a luxurious vacation or for short holidays

Home Improvement Loan: These help for reasons as wide ranging from getting a fresh coat of paint for the house to small repairs or remodelling and buying household equipment

Marriage Loan: It is known that weddings or marriages can cost a lot and it is not easy to arrange for such funds. Extended parties or travel can are additional costs which can be met by applying for a Cashkumar personal loan

Debt Consolidation Loan: Most of you would have opted for borrowing money in life to meet a requirement or transact through credit cards. A personal loan from Cashkumar provides a great way to pay off high-cost credit card obligations or debts with high EMIs

Rent deposit Loan: Increasingly young people are travelling to find employment in metro cities where rent deposits can be quite high. It is normal for deposits to be charged in the range of ₹ 1,00,000 for a single house. If you are new to credit, personal loans are the best option to arrange for immediate funds

Medical Loan: Life is never predictable, and you might come across accidents and emergencies from time to time. Personal loans which do not require collateral are a good option to get money quickly. Cashkumar’s online process allows you to get a fast loan and meet your financial needs

Personal loan interest rates for different people

Personal loan Interest Rates

The most important factor that needs to be considered while taking a loan is the interest rate, which determines the extra amount that you must pay on the principal. It is basically a fee paid for using some other person’s money. In the case of P2P loans, the interest is decided and calculated by us depending on the risk profile of an individual derived from multiple data points.

Cashkumar calculates a fixed and flat interest rate on loans. This means that borrowers and lenders do not have to bargain which can lead to unwanted delays in loan disbursals. Rates might differ according to the risk category warranted by a borrower profile. Interest rates can thus vary from 18% to 24% per year and charged on the principal amount.

Calculate your Personal Loan EMI
Know more about Interest Rates

Features of a Personal Loan from Cashkumar

  • Amount can vary between ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 for new applicants and upto ₹ 1,50,000 for returning customers
  • Tenure between 3-12 months
  • No need any collateral or security and zero application charges
  • Flat annualised rate of interest between 18%-24%
  • One-time processing fees of 4% on the loan amount or ₹ 2,000, whichever is higher (excluding GST)
  • Pre-closure allowed after 3 EMIs are paid at no extra processing charges. Closure also allowed before 3 EMIs provided just the interest for these EMIs is paid along with outstanding principal
  • Loans can be taken for a variety of personal reasons and to meet life requirements
  • Documentation process is reasonable with mostly online submission of e-copies

Benefits of a Personal Loan via P2P lending

Personal loan from Cashkumar can be beneficial in many ways. Let us look at a few of these:

  • Loans available for varied needs like travel, emergency medical bills, flat deposits, school fees, electronics purchases etc
  • Amounts between ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 which are not offered by all financial institutions with a small tenure and zero pre-closure charges
  • Decisions on funding taken by lenders according to risk appetite so most profiles are eligible to apply
  • Can use the loan to close out high interest credit cards with heavy processing fees or debts with high monthly EMIs
  • Quick approval and processing due to the online process which means you get money in hand soon as the need arises

Documents required for Personal Loan

Documents are proof of reliability and establish the complete profile of a borrower. KYC documents are required as per law to process any loan application and inform authorities when required. We accept your documents in electronic format and these can be uploaded on the site. The basic documents required to apply for a loan include:

  • Photograph
  • PAN Card
  • KYC (Identity and Address Proof)
  • Bank Statements for the last 3 months

Depending on the credit analysis the team might ask for other documents which might include:

  • Salary slips
  • House ownership proof (if any)
  • Permanent address proof
  • Proof of employment etc
Know more about the documents required for a personal loan from Cashkumar

Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

Age: Atleast 21 years (for salaried) at the time of taking a loan and maximum 60 (for salaried) at the time of loan closure

Occupation: Salaried with Pvt Ltd, Pub Ltd, Govt, Institutions, Proprietorship and Partnership Companies

Minimum income: ₹ 20,000 in non-metro cities, ₹ 25,000 in metro cities

Salary credit: As account transfer and cheque for salaried employees. No cash salaries

Work Experience: Total work experience of 6 months

Learn more about Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria here

Simple tips while applying for a Personal Loan Online

While our personal loans are exciting there are a few points that you should keep in mind before proceeding with a loan:

Do not focus only on the interest rate - While the interest rate is important it is good to note that the processing fee as well as the pre-closure charges are applicable on each transaction. In case you propose to pre-close your loan, choosing an option which has no pre-closure charges would make more sense even though the interest rate might be a little higher.

Do not hide key information - We conduct thorough checks on validity and originality of information as well as documents and anomalies would result in the loan application getting rejected.

Do not borrow personal loan for investments - This move could backfire if the potential investment turns bad for some instance.

Calculate your repayment potential before taking a loan - Though you might be eligible for a higher loan amount be certain if you could pay the projected EMI or reconsider a smaller amount. A default or delayed EMI payment will affect your CIBIL Score which will hamper the possibility of you getting loans in the future.

Check the loan agreement thoroughly - Please ensure that you read all the Terms & Conditions before signing the agreement. In case of any queries, check with our team and they would be more than happy to help you.

Do not file multiple applications: The final and most important suggestion is not to approach and apply for a loan with multiple banks/NBFCs or NBFC-P2P lending platforms. If your applications are rejected, it could affect your credit rating in a major way.

Cashkumar is a service which provides a great way to finance your immediate needs. For all your quick personal loan requirements, apply through this site or download the app.

Tips while applying for a Personal loan in India

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sattam ray 5/5

Awesome is the word for Cashkumar, especially Trupti! I loved the way my request was handled and appreciate the transparency they maintain throughout the whole process. I think they deserve a worldwide recognition for doing such an amazing job.

Siddhanth Sharma 5/5

I had an awesome experience here. Staff is extremely friendly and polite. Loan disbursal is pretty quick. I will definitely look forward to them whenever I will have a financial requirement in future. Thanks Cash Kumar

Narendra Dhanwalkar 5/5

It was a wonderful experience to get a loan from CashKumar. It's speedy, effective and hassle free loan procedure. Thank you very much Trupti Madam to help me to explain and simplify loan procedure and to approved loan on short period of time. Highly appreciated! I personally recommend CashKumar to everyone for lending or borrowing needs. Looking forward opportunity in future as a lender as well. All the best!

Prasenjit Dam 5/5

The best way to get loan. Simple and easy documentation. Less hassles. Very supportive team. Thank you so much for all the support.

Dinesh Kumar 5/5

I am very happy with the process of cash kumar services, and also it was very helpful in time all the thing happens .

vamsee krishna reddy kuppireddy 5/5

I am Very Happy with the service. Excellent Customer support and Quick processing. Special Thanks to Trupti.

harsha chandrayoga 5/5

Very helpful and quick response from the team... I would like to appreciate Amrita for her help... 😊

Manoj Kumar 4/5

I have applied for PL and right now amount is disbursed to me. The service of CASHKUMAR is very good and staff also very helpful and good.

Arvind Palghadmal 5/5

Very quick detailed process. There is lot of scrutiny but its all worth the effort building a long term relationship... Sharmila was in constant communication all through out so everything was handled well. All the best to the team and your bright future in the mortgage and lending market.

Heeralal Patidar 5/5

Fast and smooth process

Subhra kumar Dey 5/5

It was an awesome and fantastic experience with Cashkumar. Their response is very prompt and professional. They have fantastic workforce, headed by Ms Sharmila and Trupti. Minimum important documentation and hassle free service they offered and you can get your money in bank in exact time. I would like to refer my friends and colleagues for the same because they are GENUINE. Cashkumar Rocks.

satish Kale 5/5

Better than I could have DREAMED! Possibly the best online loan that I have ever worked with. Very personal support. GREAT JOB!! thanks Trupti madam

Omkar S 5/5

Awesome service...... Thanku guys for helping me in financial need. Your process is so smooth,all guys are very helpful,I never seen such type of customer support ,you guys are doing proper support at every step where I required even Arpita help me to fill the documentation,she took my courier receipt and also checked every time where is courier and updated me at every step. Disbursal was also so smooth when they got paper he disbursed amount in within 5 minutes. Thanku again cash kumar and all team. Specially warm thanks to Arpita to helping me at each and every step to get successfuly loan. At last I would like to suggest every one to try cashkumar platform to get easy loan. Whenever I need I will always go with cashkumar. One suggestion is that reduce some physical paper work.make it digitally.

Javeed Ahmed 5/5


Manikandan Puthenpurakkal 5/5

Destination for those who struggling to get personal loan from Banks / Bank formalities

Personal Loan by Cashkumar has been rated 4.7 / 5.0  by 488 users

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