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Best Personal Loans for CTS Employees

Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) is a global IT services and Technology Company based out of Texas in the USA. The current company has resulted out of a long process of consolidation and restructuring since its origins as a division of Dun & Bradstreet in 1994. Though based out of the US, the company works on a global offshoring system and has most of its work happening out of India. It has offices in 10 locations across India with its largest development centre based in Chennai. The company is one of the biggest and most admired IT service providers and its current worth is estimated to be around $35 billion. It has development centres in both the US and India as well as several cities across the world. CTS provides services in industries as diverse as Banking, Financial services, Communications, Energy to Education, Media, Retail, Life sciences etc.

Cognizant employs roughly around 2.3 lakh employees worldwide with around 1.5 lakh of these employed in India. The company is a favourite among campuses and recruits thousands of fresh engineers every year. These freshers are placed in its offices across India and are made to undergo an orientation program to prepare them for the work world. Cognizant believes in giving people opportunities to help them accomplish big things. It provides a learning environment for employees and provides a workplace with a necessary combination of work and fun. There are many perks and benefits that come with being an employee for CTS apart from the feeling of teamwork and collaboration. Working for a fortune 500 company means a background which consumer companies and service providers trust to bestow with great offers.

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Personal Loan Interest Rates for CTS Employees

Employees of Cognizant can enjoy discounts and special offers in almost all aspects of buying from car purchases, consumer goods stores to credit cards and personal loans. Cognizant is rated as a super category A company which entitles its employees to avail personal loans at interest rates from 11.49% to 13%. Most banks will also provide special offers every month to companies such as Cognizant on interest rates and processing fees. Employees of CTS, after meeting eligibility criteria, can expect to get the lowest interest rate on personal loans from all banks and financial institutions.

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