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Best Personal Loans for DELL INDIA Employees

Dell Computers, started by Michael Dell back in 1984 as PC’s Limited sold assembled PC’s compatible with IBM out of a college dorm room. The potential opportunity got Michael to drop out of college to start a company with angel funding from his family. Michael started manufacturing his own PCs and critically met the customer’s needs of customizing each order which got the company to do a business of around 73 Million USD in the very 1st year of business. PC’s changed its name to Dell Computer Corporation in 1987 and went public to issue stock to retail shareholders. Revenues grew significantly which saw Michael Dell being the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Dell also ensured that the operating cost of companies was kept very low i.e. around the 10% mark where competition was anywhere between the 20% to 49%. In mid 1990’s Dell moved on from selling only desktop and laptops to even high end servers. The company in due course further spread across televisions, handsets, audio players and more to ensure low dependency on any one vertical.

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Personal Loan Interest Rates for DELL INDIA Employees

With over a 125,000 employees and revenues of more than 60 billion, Dell is well poised to revolutionize every hardware market possible. Dell operates in India out of offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad with a base of about 13,000 employees. These employees currently work on backend support and IT services. Personal loans are extended by banks and NBFCs to employees of Dell at the best interest rate. The lowest rate of interest extended by banks and NBFCs ranges from 11.49% to 15% depending on various eligibility factors.

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