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Best Personal Loans for INFOSYS Employees

Infosys Limited is an Indian software giant based out of Bangalore with operations spread across the world. It is the second largest company in India for software services working in domains like finance, outsourcing, big data, consulting, cloud and other categories. The company was started by first generation entrepreneurs as a start-up in the silicon city of India. The company has grown rapidly to reserve a place of pride as a home grown entrepreneurial and software success story. The company is said to be worth about $43 billion with offices and operations in about 50 countries across the world.

Infosys is a fertile breeding ground for engineers and is a developer of talent with a deep stake in the Indian education system. The company believes in training its employees properly with a large finishing school set up in the south Indian city of Mysore. The facility seeks to mold fresh engineering graduates into the Infosys way to create and manage excellence. The company has offices in multiple Indian cities and currently employs about 2 lakh people world-wide. It hires about 20,000 engineering graduates every year from some of the finest colleges across the country through its campus recruitment program. Fresh graduates prefer to join Infosys for its culture of employee engagement and development. Infosys campuses generally put accent on the overall growth of its employees providing facilities for work as well as fun.

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Personal Loan Interest Rates for INFOSYS Employees

Employees of Infosys enjoy special offers and privileges from various providers of products and services. Most of these offers are in terms of special discounts extended given the large employee base of the company and the inherent stability provided by the company to these employees. In the personal loans space, banks and NBFCs actively seek to extend loans to employees of Infosys by offering discounted interest rates. The company is considered as a most preferred category by all banks and financial institutions according its employees a favoured status for giving a personal loan. The lowest rate of interest extended by banks and NBFCs ranges from 11.49% to 13% depending on various eligibility factors.

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