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Best Personal Loans for MINDTREE Employees

Mindtree is a new age Indian software and IT services industry started by first-time entrepreneurs in 1999. The company is located in Bangalore, the software capital of India and provides services in the areas of tech development, software services, consulting, outsourcing etc. Mindtree is estimated to be doing business worth $700 million and has offices in 14 countries across the globe. It specializes in areas such as e-commerce, mobile applications, ERP, data analytics among others and has over 290 clients availing its services for these functions. Mindtree employs over 16,000 people in various capacities and roles across the world with a majority of them situated in India. It employs about a 1,000 fresh graduates every year by visiting some of the best campuses in the country. The company believes in its employees and considers them the source of their business growth. People join Mindtree for the exposure it provides to the front end of technologies and projects.

Quick & Easy Personal Loans for MINDTREE Employees starting from 11.49% onwards

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Personal Loan Interest Rates for MINDTREE Employees

As one of the most admired Indian IT companies with a record for fast growth, most service providers consider Mindtree a leading corporate in India. They offer special offers and discounts on products and services to the employees of this company. In a category such as personal loans where repayment is the foremost criteria, the stability and salary provided by Mindtree to its employees is leads banks to offer their lowest interest rates. Employees of Mindtree can expect to get interest rates between 11.49% and 13% for their personal loan requests as per eligbility.

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