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Best Personal Loans for WIPRO Employees

Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational IT services and consumer products company based out of Bangalore, the software capital of India. Wipro as a company was established in 1945 as a manufacturer and trader of refined oils. The company grew and diversified to launch IT services in the 1980s to become one of India’s largest companies in the software services space. The Wipro Group has a presence in different sectors from IT Services to consumer care, FMCG, infrastructure and medical systems. The company is estimated to be worth around $28 billion with offices and operations in about 54 countries across the world. The company works in various categories and verticals like applications, consulting, outsourcing, product engineering etc among other things.

Wipro is a popular employment pick among engineers and they recruit in large numbers to fill talent requirement every year. It currently employs about 1.5 lakh people with a yearly intake of about 20,000 every year from various campuses across the country. The company is an equal opportunities employer with a special focus on increasing the presence of women in its workforce. It works on a program to provide employment to people with disabilities. The workforce is diverse and comes from all parts of the country to join its offices in different cities across India and the world. Wipro has a culture of nourishing and mentoring its employees to help them achieve their full potential. Different employee outreach programs are conducted every year to help people connect and grow in their roles. The company also has partnerships in place to help employees get benefits from different suppliers and companies.

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Personal Loan Interest Rates for WIPRO Employees

As a tier I IT company, and one of the topmost companies in India, Wipro employees enjoy perks from various consumer goods, manufacturing and financial services companies. The established company reputation and stability which is assured with working there is a factor which persuade other companies to extend such facilities. In the personal loans category, Wipro employees can expect interest rates in the vicinity of 11.49% to 13% based on eligibility. This is on par with the topmost companies in India and equal to the lowest interest rate available for personal loans. Across banks and NBFCs, Wipro is rated as a top category company enabling its employees to avail the best deals.

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