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There are many situations when you need urgent finance and cannot get it from a bank or NBFC due to some reason. The problems could be an urgent need, lack or eligibility or some other factor preventing you from taking a personal or business loan through traditional channels.

It is possible in such a case for you to get requisite funds from private loan lenders. These are parties who are willing to advance an unsecured private loan for personal or business purposes. There is a private loan lenders list available for every major city across India which consists of reputable and trustworthy individuals which you can approach for your credit needs.

Most private loan lenders have been in existence for a loan time and they adhere to tested principles while advancing funds. You need to meet requisite eligibility criteria, the most important of which will be your ability to repay the loan and credibility on in your financial history. If you want to avail a loan from private lenders then you have to demonstrate your ability to repay the loan by producing proof of your disposable income each month. The loans thus provided are short-term in nature with slightly lower tenure offered as compared to a traditional bank or NBFC.

There are different private money lenders who operate specifically to the city they are based on be it Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai or Bangalore. They look at individuals as well as proprietors, traders, craftsmen or businesses in their own city for advancing private finance and rarely do this in other cities. The private finance interest rate is mostly a flat percentage calculated every month. You need to sign legal papers as well as share PDCs for the whole tenure when the loan is approved. There is generally no option for pre-payment but the interest rate is at most times flexible based on the strength of your credentials.

If you are in need of finance or credit then apply online for a private loan by clicking on the link below and filling a simple form. We will connect you to the best private loan lenders in your city and help you with the entire process from application to approval. This will be done via the P2P method which uses our intuitive technology to get you the best deal from the private loan lenders list on our platform. Call us on the numbers given to find out more about how to get a private loan as well as other details on the application process.

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