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Best Rent Deposit Loan in India at lowest Interest Rates

Our metro cities have seen an explosion in growth as the economy scales with large numbers being employed by various multi-national and national companies. A large part of this workforce is migratory who look for apartments or houses on rent to stay. This has led to a steep increase in the demand for good living spaces which has translated into higher rent deposits. It is not uncommon for landlords to ask for anything between 3-12 months of the rent agreed to as a straight deposit. This means a payout of minimum ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 1,50,000 if you are looking to rent a decent apartment. Such large amounts are difficult to arrange especially if you are a new employee or do not have enough savings.

What are Rent Deposit Loans?

Rent deposit loans from Cashkumar provide a great alternative to procure funds and pay for these upfront costs. As a peer to peer lending company, we provide loans to a wide range of salaried individuals from freshers to those working in proprietorship/partnership companies as well. It is easy now to avail a rent deposit loan and make monthly payments through easy EMIs to clear the debt. It is a great way to transform a cost into a saving by putting aside an EMI every month while meeting your urgent requirement. Loan amounts that you can apply for ranges from ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1,00,000 with a tenure of between 3-12 months. The process is entirely online making it quick, fast and efficient. The loan amount is funded by individuals with extra income who are willing to take the risk with different profiles of borrowers.

The turn around time for a loan disbursal is between 3-4 days which means that you can pay the deposit soon as an apartment is finalized. Waiting longer for loans from other sources might mean that the flat might be rented to someone else. You can pre-close the loan without additional charges after paying 3 EMIs if you have funds in hand and clear the loan. We also allow borrowers who have paid back half the loan with clear repayment track to avail a top-up loan with higher eligibility and lower processing fees.

Who can avail Rent Deposit Loan from Cashkumar?

If you are searching for a home in any of the 30 cities we operate in, be sure to apply for a rent deposit loan on Cashkumar. There are no application charges and you will have the cash ready in your bank account as soon as you finalize that nesting place for yourself. Apply online right now or download our app.

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