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Tata Capital Personal Loan

TATA CAPITAL Personal Loan - Apply Now

Tata Capital is a subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd, one of India’s most diversified and respected groups. It is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) which offers services in the areas of loans, credit cards, consumer finance, investment banking, commercial finance, security, forex and other financial services. Tata Capital caters to customers across the country through their over 100 branches spread nation-wide.

Tata Capital offers loans and finance options to a wide spectrum of individuals across a variety of financial backgrounds. The loans require minimum documentation and are easy to get. There are also options for instant approval online and flexi EMIs.

  • Offer a flexi EMI facility to provide multiple repayment options matching the needs of the loan taker including options to increase or decrease EMIs annually
  • Provide instant online approvals in selective cases (Conditions Apply)
  • Require minimal documentation and offer a hassle-free application process

Tata Capital advances loans for a variety of reasons including personal loans, marriage loans, renovation loans, travel loans, mortgage loans, business loans, car and two wheeler loans, durable finance etc.

Get instant online approval for Tata Capital personal loan if you fulfil their exact eligibility criteria and have a good credit rating on CIBIL. To know more about CIBIL rating and how it affects your ability to get the best personal loan from Tata Capital, visit our page on credit rating and calculate your approximate score with our CIBIL calculator. Cashkumar does not charge you for any loan request or loan disbursal done through our site. We help you reach out to various NBFCs like Tata Capital and get loans without a fee or percentage. Apply for Tata Capital personal loan online through our site and get comprehensive advice on all aspects of getting a loan as per your requirement along with doorstep service. You can learn more about your personal loan eligibility for Tata Capital by filling in your details on our smart form. Find out more about Tata Capital personal loan interest and your best offer from our eligibility calculator or by calling us.

TATA CAPITAL Personal Loan Interest Rates for you

TATA CAPITAL gives Personal Loans with varying interest rates that are unique and customized according to your profile. The key factors that affect your interest rate include your monthly take home salary, your Credit History (past or current loans, credit cards), your residence type in city, the company that you work for, any current EMIs that you are paying etc. Get a quote of the personal loan interest rate for your profile by clicking on the button below,

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TATA CAPITAL Personal Loan by Cashkumar is rated
   4.0 / 5.0  by 10 users

Documents for Personal Loans from TATA CAPITAL

Documentation can be a difficult task when it comes to any kind of financial service. For Personal Loans from TATA CAPITAL, we make it easier for you and help you with your documentation.

TATA CAPITAL Personal Loan Eligibility

You need to have a good credit history and adequate salary to get a loan sanctioned. Other factors like years of employment, company you work for etc will determine the most important factors like amount, tenure and rate of interest. Some of the banks in give you the flexibility to pre-close the loan without any additional charges. Most banks have a pre-closure charge in the 4%-5% range.

Tata Capital Personal Loan Interest Rates

Tata Capital Personal Loan Interest Rates
12.75% to 19.5%

The above is an approximate interest rate range for Personal Loans from TATA CAPITAL. Your actual interest rate may vary depending on your financial history, credit score and other parameters

Are you ready to explore the interest rates available for your TATA CAPITAL Personal Loan?

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TATA CAPITAL Personal Loan Reviews

TATA CAPITAL Personal Loan is rated
   4.0 / 5.0  by 10 users

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Sunil 5/5
I applied for my personal loan requirement via you guys and based on my profile you connected me to Tata Capital. The team handled this process very well and I got my personal loan in quick time. I also got a great interest rate for my personal loan. Thanks team!

Sundar 4/5
I need the personal loan for my knee surgery and you guys helped me with it really quick. The interest rate offered by Tata Capital for my personal loan was very aggressive. I got the money in my account in less than 7 days. The Tata capital personal loan team knew their stuff and the process was extremely smooth. Thanks for the help again.

Rohit 4/5
Good website and approach of capturing details for my personal loan requirement. I got my personal loan from Tata Capital in quick time and the process was very simple. The only issue was the documentation process where there were couple of iterations before all the documents were in place. You guys should consider collecting documents online to make the process simple.


Dear Rohit, Thanks for the kind words. We are glad that we could help you with your personal loan requirement via our partner Tata Capital. Digitizing the document process is in the road map. However, RBI still insists on physical documentation and hence the complete process cannot be eliminated completely. However, we endure to make this process better.

Cashkumar Team

Anil 4.5/5
I did a quick look for Tata Capital personal loan in Bangalore and I found you guys on 1st page in Google. While I did apply to some other online platforms too, I was impressed by the way your team managed to guide me through the complete process. I got a call promptly from the team at Tata Capital and the process was completed in quick time. I also liked the fact that all the documents required were clearly highlighted to me in well in advance which avoided the confusion. The Tata capital guy came at the time highlighted and completed the process in no time. He also shared a few key points around the personal loan from Tata capital. Good job team.

Melvin 5/5
I got my personal loan from Tata Capital via you folks. Great work I must say. I spoke to Kannan (I hope I got the name right) who is part of the cofounding team at Cashkumar. What is extremely interesting is that I understand Cashkumar went live on the 3rd of August. You guys have got your act right in real quick time and I am sure this will just get better as we go ahead. Good going!


Hi Melvin, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We are glad we could help. Just one minor observation to the above comment, we went live with personal loans on the 3rd of August but the Forex side of Cashkumar has been live since June 2014. While we have got some good traction for forex we look at replicating this for personal loans too in quick time. It would be great if you could help us spread the word about our launch. It would me a lot to us. Thanks!

Cashkumar Team

Akshay 4/5
Thank you for helping me with my personal loan. I am glad you suggest Tata Capital as the team was very efficient and I also got a very good interest rate for my personal loan. Thanks.

Saurav Chandra 4/5
I was exploring a travel loan for my family vacation to Europe. You platform was just what I needed when I searched for Travel Loans in Bangalore. I got my personal loan from Tata Capital and the complete flow was very smooth. Good work by you guys and the Tata Capital team. I think you all should add other loan products too.


Thanks Saurav. Wish you a great trip to Europe and do not forget to buy Euros from Cashkumar J. We will definitely keep you posted as we expand our portfolio. Cheers!

Cashkumar Team

Suraj S 3.5/5
They made me apply for a loan with a co-applicant and the process took very long. Happy to have got the good interest rate though.

Sanjay Singhal 2.5/5
Tata is not very responsive and they claimed that an internal change inthe organisation was the reason for the delay. Not very happy.

Dhiraj S 3.5/5
Overall a good experience with Cashkumar. Got my loan through Tata Capital at 15% Interest. Thanks!

TATA CAPITAL Personal Loan by Cashkumar has been rated    4.0/5.0  by 10 users

Tata Capital Features

  • Multi-Purpose: Tata Capital offers instant provisional approvals on Personal Loans with the amount ranging up to Rs. 25,00,000 for any need
  • Convenient: Tata Capital offers a flexi EMI facility to provide multiple repayment options matching the needs of the loan taker allowing higher loan eligibility
  • Simple: The process is quick with no complications and the documentation process is minimal with help provided all the way
  • Easy: Tata Capital offers easy repayment options with a choice of between PDCs and ECS

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