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Free Online CIBIL Score Calculator

Step 1

How many of the below loan products do you have in your name?

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Looking for loans for your CIBIL Score?

Our Eligibility

  • Cibil Score above 550
  • Loans ranging from  20,000 to  1,50,000
  • Tenure between 3 months to 12 months
  • Interest Rate between 1.5% to 2.5% per month (flat)

    So at 2% interest per month, for a  50,000 loan for 12 months, you will pay  5167 as EMI

  • Disbursal in 3 days

Calculate or Estimate your CIBIL Score for Free

Great! Now that you are here, you would be keen to check your online Cibil score free of cost. We infact realised that there are many who would love to know there approximate Cibil score to learn about Cibil. We might not be able to help you with exact score but we certainly could help you with an approximate Cibil score based on the inputs you share with us. We have been helping friends like you get a free Cibil score with an accuracy of up to 93%. Now why pay when you can get a Cibil score for your quick reference. We are sure you are aware of what Cibil Score is but just highlighting the same in a small note below.

CIBIL Score Estimator

Credit Information Report

Did you know that you can get a Personal Loan from a Bank or NBFC if your CIBIL/Credit Score is > 600?

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