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Personal Loan Reviews

Kranti 4.5/5
I really like the way these people help with loans. I got a loan from kotak and cashkumar called me every day to update on whats happening. Will recommend them to everyone.

Arif Mohammed 5/5
Full marks to the cashkumar team for getting balance transfer with kotak bank. i didnt know that old loans interest rates can be reduced but they informed me and help get all loans + fresh loan at a lower rate.

Manjunath 4/5
iam very happy to got this loan from hdfc bank. it is a balance transfer loan for a very low interest rate. i also got 1 lakh which is helping me. thanks sir

Rajoshi 4.5/5
I am happy they have helped in getting loan from RBL bank for sum of Rs. 2 lakh. the cashkumar did a direct approval online and then bank people came and took documents. good simple process for me.

Samyukta 5/5
clearly the nicest team i have interacted with for customer service. i had a lot of loans which i transferred to kotak at 11.29% interest rate. one girl these is really good as she kept in touch with me even if the bank did not. thanks to the whole team

Tanya 4.5/5
iam happy with the overall service provided by cashkumar. always in touch and kept me updated on the loan status. recommend people to use it.

Srikanth 5/5
I like it when people are responsive and cashkumar is very good at this. Called quick, give information and processed loan application fast. Got a high value debt consolidation with Kotak bank. Really delighted!!

Akhil 3.5/5
can you let me know if i can get a loan with 6 months of experience as iam in urgent need of money right now. iam working with an IT company in mumbai


Hi, We cannot advice on this until we have some more details on your profile. Please call us on the number given in the website or place a request for a loan. We will be glad to help and process the request if possible.

Cashkumar Team

Christopher 4.5/5
came across this site while i was searching for a personal loan on the net. their service is good and they work with different banks. someone from their team actually calculated the savings i will have for loans with part payment versus lower interest rates so i could choose the best offer. got loan from tata capital even though it was a slightly higher rate because of part payment.

Sapna Agarwal 1/5
This guys are bullshit....They spoiled my 40+ referrals..Please stay away from this site!


We request you to check your dashboard on why your referrals have not gone through. Please check the source of your leads, as all of them have expressed no interest in availing a loan or have applied elsewhere. Thanks for being a referrer on Cashkumar!

Cashkumar Team

Samrat S 5/5
Am not generally liberal in appreciation nor do i write reviews very ofte. Cashkumar is certainly an exceptional company when it comes to customer service.I used their services for a balance transfer and the way they conducted themselves and follow-up on the disbursal and the post disbursal was commendable.

Narasimha 4/5
With so many options and phone calls that we receive it is difficult to choose. This website guys told me I will get 11.69 if I transfer my loan to icici bank. New loan was high interest rate. So i got new loan also for 11.69%.

Dhanish 2/5
Too slow. long time to get loan. they are calling everyday but no one has come to collect docs. u shud improve. otherwise people will not take a loan.

Kalpesh 4/5
There are a few sites around but i had great satisfaction working with cashkumar. even though i applied to many sites they called me immediately and gave me a good offer from HDFC bank for 12.5% interest rate. I got the money yesterday. special thanks to divya from their team for calling me daily and giving status updates.

Santosh 5/5
Right kind of service with these guys. Iam really happy and glad to have contacted cashkumar for my loan. They are transparent and really want to help customers. The guys were friendly and told me to check elsewhere if i got a better deal. Good to see honest companies like this.

Mohammed Ismail 4/5
got 1.5 lakh from icici bank for personal loan with cashkumar. all process was good and i got instant approval for the loan. they followed up with me for taking documents. i wanted 2.5 lakh but got 1.5 lakh.

venu 3/5
am ok with getting loan here. they asked for a lot documents with tata capital. i finally got 2 lakhs sanctioned by them. the team is helpful but even they cant do much during document process

Shamit 4/5
If you want a loan in Mumbai...take note guys!!! Good people these. I recommend with lots of wishes. good going Cashkumar.

Saravana 3.5/5
i took a loan from hdfc for 3 lakh. i stumbled across them when i was searching for personal loans in chennai. they called me after i placed a request and informed me about the offers from different banks. i applied to some other sites as well but found the people at cashkumar quick, informative and friendly.

Kanchan 4.5/5
I was really happy to get my loan through cashkumar. got instant approval from icici bank and the documents were picked up the very next day. they processed the loan within a week at 12.5% interest rate.

Nivedita 4/5
I am happy with cashkumar as i got a loan with tata capital for 2 lakh with part payment and pre-closure facility. the loan amount was credited into my account on saturday.

Christie 5/5
haha...what a nice surprise. havent seen a company follow up so much. they made sure everything went well. i would get a call every afternoon from divya with an update. lovely people. god bless!!

Nancy 2/5
not happy with the entire process. it took so long for loan to get through and they could not help. said it will happen soon but bank did not credit amount for a loan time

Nafisa ahmed 3.5/5
The service is nice and the people are good. but they get a loan from bank itself. it takes a lot of days to get the loan. why they are not collecting forms also.

Divyank 4/5
This is a really good site to get personal loans as i can say from my own experience. they dont just show interest rate but call and tell you the banks which will give the best offer. i also got regular updates from them on the loan status till the money was in my account. big thumbs up!!

Saraswati Jha 4.5/5
Good site to get loans online. My Personal loan was processed in a week's time and I got best offers for being an Infosys employee. Good work team!

Sujay T 4/5
It was a smooth process till the documentation and approval but the disbursal took a very long time. This could be due to multiple holidays last week. Happy with the support. Thanks.

Bhavani B 4/5
Diligent follow ups and quick process by the team, helped me get my Personal Loan with IndusInd Bank in time. Thank you Cashkumar!

Hariharan 2.5/5
Such a long time it took for loan to be credited. Dont know what the bank guys were doing. Cashkumar people daily said we will check but nothing happens. atleast they called

Rajaganesh 5/5
I checked with Cashkumar whether there are options or a chance that they work with personal loan agents in Bangalore hsbc to get a requirement fulfilled but they took my requirement and proposed different options for a loan. A very good service from the team.

Velkumar 4/5
I am searching for a loan from personal loan agents in Bangalore hdfc sir I want help will you help me. Pls let me know.


Hello Velkumar, Please call us on +91 9535800900 or mail us at

Cashkumar Team

Veeramani 5/5
I was looking for personal loans bajaj finance in Bangalore and there were many options available to me. But cashkumar personally contacted me after I placed a request and helped me through the entire process from application to document collection.

Shruthi 5/5
I got two options to take a loan which was through the online method and the way of icici bank personal loan agents in Bangalore but finally the online method through Cashkumar gave me a better rate of interest

Karthikeyan 4.5/5
I thought I was contacting Cashkumar as axis bank personal loan agents in Bangalore when I searched on google and they got me loan from that bank in a quick and easy way.

Ramesh 4.5/5
I was looking for sbi personal loan agents in Bangalore and came upon this site which provides loan from everyone. I contacted them and got a loan at a very good interest rate from hdfc bank itself. Thanks to cashkumar for arranging this.

Bupesh 5/5
Easy platform and great service. Thanks for helping me really quick. Shall recommend to my friends for certain.

Vikram 4.5/5
Thank you for your help on a loan. Needed it to clear my credit card outsandting and this sure helped me a great deal. It was also a great deal with ICICI. Thanks a lot. Cheers!

Revathi 4.5/5
A fancy marriage requires splurging a little more and you guys helped me with it. Thanks a lot for my perosnal loan which helped me with a memrable experience for the rest of my like. The HDFC folks were also very supportive and the process was very smooth.

Shyamlal 5/5
I needed couple of lakhs from my dad's knee operation and you guys helped me in quick time. The operation was successful and my dad is up and running (literally). It sure is a feel good when money can help and you gusy sure helped me get t his personal loan in quick time. Thanks a ton.

Anurag 4.5/5
I was looking at renovating my house with a modular kitchen, new flooring and a mini lawn. The overall cost was approximately 8 lakhs and I had a hunch that I would get a lon for rennovating my house. A quick seach helped me find you guys and you sure did a good job in helping me with the best offer on my perosnal loan. The interiors is on right now and I woudl remember you guys everytime someone appreciates the house. Thanks for the quick support and turn around time. Cheers!

Navin 4.5/5
With my kids admission to a school round the corner, I needed a quick loan to account for a few expenses. I managed to get that 75,000 very quick which helped me pay up for a few things. I also appreciate the prompt supoprt through the process. Thanks again.

Raghu 5/5
I was planning a travel with my family to Europe from the 15th August to the 4th of September. I had budgeted for approximately 6 lakhs but the spend was not over shooting the budget by approximately 2 lakhs. Thants when a friend told me about personal loans that can be used for travel. I guess the travel loan was a blessing in disguise as I got to do morethan what I had initially planned with my family. Thank you Cashkumar team for assisting me on this. Also, thans for the great offer on the currency exchange bit.

Kunal 4.5/5
Quick and prompt. Very happy with your service and turn around. Thanks a million. Hope you do more than personal loans going forward.

Rajeev 4.5/5
A medical emergey in the family couple of weeks back ended up in I running helter skelter to arrange for money or a personal loan. A medical loan search heled me identify a good option via you guys. Thank you for helping me in quick time. May no one need a peronal loan for medical purpose but if they do, I am sure you guys would be of great help

Kavitha 4.5/5
Stumbled upon Cashkuamar on a quick search. I had never heard about you guys and I was skeptical if I would get a personal loan quickly. I must admit that you guys sure surprised me. I was very happy with the offer and the turn around time. All the best to you guys.

Sandeep 5/5
Getting a personal was a breeze. I applied with Cashkumar and go a call back in less than 20 minutes. The team highlighted the process and also gave me some sound advice on the do's and don't's about a personal loan. Got my loan from Kotak in quick time and the process was very smooth. I sure would recommend you guys to my friends. Good job!

Manik 5/5
I guess one of the mistakes is to just look for a personal loan provider and go with the first one. In thiis case, I was well guided on which would be the best option and the way forward on the proccess. I applied for a loan and based on my eligibility I was suggested to take a loan from ICICI and I sure got a good deal. The complete exercise took about 5 days and CK team and ICICI guys were very prompt. Thanks for the help

Mythri 3/5
The good thing about cashkumar is that they keep in touch with you no matter what. Otherwise it is the same as banks have same process

Karen 2/5
They have quoted a really high interest rate which is ridiculous. Not satisfied cashkumar

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.2 / 5.0  by 49 users

Marriage Loan Reviews

Satish R 4/5
I got my marriage loan in chennai processed quickly via Tata Capital and Cashkumar. It was a smooth process.

Karthik S 4.5/5
I was really happy with the service of Cashkumar who helped me get a loan for my sister's marriage. They explained things to me quite clearly specially since I needed pre-closure and part payment facilities which I have got through Bajaj.

Babita G 4/5
It took some time but i finally got a loan for my wedding. The bank asked for many documents but the customer support people here made my life easy and helped me a lot. Thanks to the full team

Mahalaxmi Mirmira 4.5/5
These guys are very clear in saying that you can get a loan for marriage. It was by searching for wedding loan that I found their website which had all the information on how to apply and documentation.

Srikant Kathare 5/5
I got a wedding loan for my sister's marriage through the peer to peer loan route. I had a small challenge as banks were not lending to me but the team at Cashkumar arranged a P2P loan for me. It really came as a huge relief because I really wanted this money for the wedding.

Richard John 4/5
I searched and found this site which helps people get marriage loans. They are helpful and even though I did not get a loan, their follow up was very good.

Ahmed Khan 5/5
Cashkumar really helped me get my married life to a successful start. I really wanted to do something special and take my wife abroad soon after marriage. Their wedding loan offer came as a blessing and I got a loan from Tata Capital. It really like a wedding gift for me from cashkumar.

Binod Joy 4.5/5
This is the best site to get a marriage loan as they called me immediately and tool my request. They gave me the best rate from citibank and also the amount came to my account really quickly. It was great and good to see someone helping people with wedding loan.

Anil Joshi 4.5/5
This is a good service of helping to get wedding loans. I took a loan for my daughter's marriage and they have helped me well in getting from icici bank. The lady who talked was very nice and polite. She talked nicely in Hindi also.

Kannan P 5/5
This is a great site hosting a terrific service in helping people get all kinds of loans from banks. I used them to get a wedding loan for my upcoming marriage through the P2P route. Being a techie myself, I think the way these guys have designed the site is extremely user-friendly. Their support is top-notch backed up by great processes. Guys, my wife wants to work with you...any openings?

Mannan 2/5
I thought marriage loan is special and I will get a low interest rate but it is same as personal loan. but these people gave me information on all interest rate which is nice

Santosh 3/5
It is same loan yaar...i got 13% interest rate from bajaj for marriage loan

Rambabu 3.5/5
As some people have said that their service is nice but the interest rate is not low and their persons dont come on time for collecting documents

Prerna S 3/5
I took a loan from HDFC bank through cashkumar for the wedding of my brother. Their team said it will happen soon but there was a delay in getting the approval from the bank.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.0 / 5.0  by 14 users

Travel Loan Reviews

Prabhakar 5/5
I have been able to go on my dream holiday all thanks to cashkumar and their help. I was able to get a travel loan of 2 lakhs and go to visit europe

Sahil 4.5/5
I had no idea that you could take a loan for travel. I got to know this information thanks to a blog i read on this site. I applied and voila got a travel loan from bajaj with a part payment option. On my way to Australia next week

Uzma 4/5
It is so easy and convenient to get a travel loan these days. I contacted cashkumar and was slightly irate when nothing happened at once. But once they called everything went smoothly

Prerna 5/5
I was referred to cashkumar by a travel agency I had contacted for my honeymoon. They told me that this site works with a lot of banks and will get me a travel loan. Well i was not disappointed thanks to their customer service who helped me all along

Meghdoot 5/5
This service is really cool. I got to go on a thai jaunt with my friends with the travel loan I got from HDFC. Loan amount was small so I thought they would give no importance. But thanks to the team this went fast and smooth

Sayan 2/5
I sent a request for a travel loan and the entire process is so complicated. I have to submit so many documents and they keep asking for more. not so nice

Jeniya 2.5/5
The staff and all are quite good but cant they credit directly to my agent for holiday package. then what is the point of a travel loan.

Tenzig 3.5/5
They are not showing interest rates when we put in a request. they will call and then let you know options available

Cashkumar has been rated an average    3.9 / 5.0  by 8 users

Medical Loan Reviews

Prabodh 5/5
Medical loans are a good option for people who are in real emergency. I had to fund a small surgery for my mother and was able to get one through this site

Vishwa 4.5/5
So thankful to cashkumar for helping me apply for a medical loan when i needed most. insurance was not covering full teratment amount and loan from icici bank came real handy. they gave instant online approval and picked documents immediately

Suhana 4/5
I got a medical loan but the interest rate was high. cant help it but cashkumar team helped a lot and give me news about what is happening with my loan

Samir 5/5
This is a realy good option if you are not in an emergency for the money. I applied for a medical loan which took time to be disbursed. Thankfully i was not in a hurry and could wait for the money to come. These guys always take calls and apart from sunday I had no problem getting in touch with them for the status of my loan

Bhajan 5/5
I would recommend a site like this to everyone requiring medical loan. It is good to compare different banks which this site does. I was abe to check for the best interest rate among banks instead of taking a direct loan from my current bank. Thanks to cashkumar!!

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.7 / 5.0  by 5 users

Personal Loan Balance Transfer Reviews

Rakesh Jha 4/5
Got a good interest rate from Cashkumar and they advised me well to help me do the transfer of my Personal loan from Kotak Bank to ICICI Bank. All process was smooth and easy.

Shreevatsa 5/5
I applied for a balance transfer of my personal loan and I was very happy with the 11.49% rate of interest offer that I got with ICICI. Saved a fortune.

Raghu 4.5/5
I was paying close to 16% for my personal loan and now with some good advice I managed to do a balance transfer of my personal loan to HDFC. I am thrilled with the switch!

Garima 3.5/5
They have not given me the 11.49 rate for balance transfer because my company is not listed. I thought ck will help get the rate. but overall balance transfer happened

shekar 2/5
Hey cashkumar, do not keep people hanging for days. why do your banks take so much time to do a BT after taking all documents


Hi Shekar, Sorry that it took so long for the bank to do your loan balance transfer. We were regularly following up with the bank to help get this done as soon as possible. But banks have their own timelines. However we have updated our processes and will ensure this does not happen again. Thanks!

Cashkumar Team

Cashkumar has been rated an average    3.8 / 5.0  by 5 users

Debt Consolidation Reviews

Bhuvan 4.5/5
I had an outstanding in my credit card and also a personal loan with ICICI. A timely suggestion of debt consolidation helped me reduce the high interest that I paid for my credit card. Cashkumar team was very prompt in completing the process.

Chandra 4.5/5
I had 3 loans running at different interest rates. I managed to do a debt consolidation of all loans into ICICI which also helped reduce the interest rate significantly. Thanks CK team for the quick turn around time.

Sudharshan 2.5/5
These guys tell too many bank conditions for clearing all my loans and cards. How can banks have so many different rules. it must be same

Afsa 3.5/5
These guys are ok but could be better. i was asking for a status update on my request but nobody took my call. You should work on sunday too guys


Hi Afsa, Sorry to have missed your call. But we hope we were able to offer a satisfying experience. Thanks!

Cashkumar Team

Cashkumar has been rated an average    3.8 / 5.0  by 4 users

Personal Loan Bangalore Reviews

Sumit 4.5/5
Good and quick help from teh team for my personal loan. I am certain this is one of the better service companies in Bangalore for a Personal loan

Mahesh gowda 3.5/5
the bank took a long time to release the loan amount even though it was approved. i was following up for long but cashkumar team did a good job as they always replied to calls and let me know about the status. it was credited to my account yesterday

Manjunath G 4/5
Good experience on Cashkumar. The personal loan team reached out quickly and guided me to a very good interest rate personal loan from HDFC Bank. Will definitely recommend Cashkumar to my friends

Sam 4.5/5
I wanted to transfer all my loans and card balance to a single bank. It was really tough because no bank was taking my request. But cashkumar got it done through kotak bank. My emi has gone down by 10k.

Sumith 4.5/5
Team Cashkumar did a good job in helping me with an offer from ICICI for transferring my existing loan. Got an offer of 11.69% and the process was closed in less than 7 days. Thank you team.

Ankit 3.5/5
The customer service provided was really good. Cashkumar followed up with me all the time. Got a loan from hdfc bank


Thanks for your kind words. Do refer us to your friends

Cashkumar Team

Sushma 5/5
Got my loan in less than 72 hrs which was amazing. Thanks for Bajaj Finserv and Cashkumar. Cheers!!!

Tarun 4.5/5
Very happy with your service. I had used your service for forex in the past and now for my personal loan. Both the experiences were really good.

Rahul 5/5
Well at first I had a small challenge placing a request but when I got into the flow, the experience was amazing. The team also updated me on all offers that I was eligible. I was expecting to see that after placing the request but the cashkumar team highlighted that this should be done soon. I got some amazing inputs especially on terms like Cibil and how it would hurt my Cibil score in case I did multiple checks. Applied for the loan via Kotak. The team at Cashkumar rocks!

Chaitanya 4/5
Simple and easy platform. Heard about you guys in one of the tweets and I am sure will appy for my loan in September via you guys. Liked your follow up on asking for a small reference note too :).

Karunakar 4/5
This was a very simple process. I placed my details and Cashkumar Team got in touch with me in couple of minutes, highlighted a tentative set of Banks that I was eligible for and got me my call from the bank. This was smoothly handled by Kotak bank and I got my loan in quick time. Thanks

Deepak 4/5
I was looking for a personal loan in Bangalore and I one of my friend told me about your site. Frankly since you guys were very new I was not very comfortable about the service that you would deliver. I also used couple of other online platforms while I placed my request on Cashkuamr too. I was impressed at the speed at which your partner got in touch with us and highlighted that he will process the documents with Bajaj Finserv. I also got an approval message and now waiting for the loan to be disbursed to my account. Great experience and a sure referal to my friends seeking a loan. A quick suggestion, why not get into Auto loans as well? Planning to buy one soon :)


Hi Deepak, We are studying the Auto Loans market very closely. Expect something awesome real soon!

Cashkumar Team

Hiren 5/5
Wanted a loan quickly for my wedding and a friend of mine happens to knows one of the co-founders of Cashkumar. Thanks to the special importance given to me in helping me through the process. Shall highlight you guys to my friends after I return from my HM in Maldives. Thanks for the currency to. I never new getting currency exchange as well as a personal loan in Bangalore was this simple :). ATB

Kunal 4/5
The ICICI team in Bangalore handled the case really well. Got my loan with great ease. However hoping that things go digital and I do not have to do any paperwork the next time.

Arjun 5/5
Just two words for the experience on your platform - Simply Awesome!!

Arun 3.5/5
Got a loan at a good interest rate. Also very quick.

Shashi 5/5
Wanted to get a loan in bangalore in quick time and got help from Cashkumar. There was a small confusion on the documents required by the bank but in the end I got a my loan pretty soon!

Aditya 4/5
Applied to a few online platforms but got some very good support on the process here. The bank officials we also prompt and helped me with my 3 lakh loan.

Sunil 3/5
Nice platform and good response. Did not get my loan due to eligibility constrains but will complete one year of work and get back for a loan.

Sharath 3/5
Nice platform but got my response very late. The team apologized as they are relatively new. Like the way Shruthi from their team handled the discussion. Submitted my documents to the bank and waiting for an update from the bank. Good follow ups and updates got from the cashkumar team.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.2 / 5.0  by 20 users

Personal Loan Chennai Reviews

senthil kumar 5/5
very happy with the people at cashkumar. they called me as soon as i placed a request and told me about he options i have got from different banks. i got a loan of rs. 5 lakh from indusind bank at a good rate of interest

Aparna 4/5
Hey, Iam still waiting for a response from you guys on the documentation. It was going to be collected today but nobody has visited me yet. Iam happy Shruti is in touch but still writing in to check.


Aparna, we are sorry for the inconvenience. We are still a new team and getting better at everything. Sometimes an agent might be delayed due to a number of reasons. Trust us we are gtting thigs in place and we will soon become more efficient with the use of technology. We have spoken to the collection executive and he will be meeting you in an hour.

Cashkumar Team

Karthik 4.5/5
I wanted to thank you guys for my loan and also for informing me about pre-closure of loan. It is actually better to take that higher interest rate with pre-closure. I will pay less interest overall.

Selva 4/5
Hey your form is very good. It explained everything to me in a minute when I started to apply. I have not taken the loan yet but am already recommending your site to my friends and relatives.

aruna 4/5
I like what you have done with the service. I live pretty far away in the city and it was good to know that your guys will come all the way to my house for the documentation process.

faizal 4/5
it is good that new websites like yours are providing all these services. I know there are a couple of more sites and I tried yours after a friend recommended it. The service was good and I got a quick response. I like it that you kept in touch till I got a loan and not just sent it to a call centre.

Arvind 4/5
Good job cashkumar. I was very happy with the service I got and your team has good knowledge about the entire process. I also like all your blogs which are very helpful with lots of information. I have taken a travel loan to go abroad and will also take forex from you guys. Do you offer it in Chennai?


Thanks for the good word Arvind. We are extremely glad you got a loan. Unfortunately we do not do forex deals in Chennai but as a customer we will try to make an exception and get you a good deal in Chennai.

Cashkumar Team

Vijay 4/5
I like how you guys have a loan for every need from travel and medical to renovation loans. It is nice to give options.

Radha 4/5
The business loans section is good. I was able to take this loan for my upcoming business which has been running for the past 4 years. I was able to get a amount at a low interest which which I can expand my business to other cities.

Kannan 3/5
why are you guys not offering home loans and car loans?


Thanks for asking. We think that we should start slow and offer the best service to customers. Hence we are concentrating only of unsecured and mortgage loans right now. Forex and insurance was a service we were offering earlier too. We will in time add home and vehicle loans

Cashkumar Team

John 4/5
I got a lot of support for the mortgage loan I applied for. Was also very satisfied for the rate of interest. Cashkumar is a great way of finding out who will give the best interest rate without the entire trouble.

Harsh 5/5
I came to the site to check how you are different because I had taken a loan from another site some time back. I frankly thought it would not be good but was surprised to see a good process and helpful information. Next time definitely cashkumar.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.1 / 5.0  by 12 users

Personal Loan Mumbai Reviews

Makrand 4.5/5
cashkumar is a good reliable service who support you with every aspect of getting a loan. i processed my loan application through them and got a good offer from kotak bank. this was a very different experience to my previous loan where i was informed about one rate while i finally got a much higher rate. these guys let me know the rate upfront and it was what i finally got.

Prema 4/5
It is great to have sites like Cashkumar who provide all info required to take a loan and have multiple banks to choose from. I got to know about part payment which is a great help in closing a loan quickly

Meeta 4/5
I thought Cashkumar was only doing forex so its good they have got into another business


Hi Mumbai guys, this is Cashkumar. We will be happy to service all your requirements for personal loans. Thanks for the feedbak Prakash and Lohit. We hope we helped and look forward to seeing you again.

Cashkumar Team

Shashi 4/5
Hey thanks guys well done. Super loans site

Anonymous 4/5
i want some loan. how can I get it?


Please apply on our site with this easy form and we can help you get a loan or you can call us on our phone number and we will explain everything to you including the amount you can get as well as which bank can offer you the lowest rate of interest.

Cashkumar Team

Abhi 4/5
Iam very glad you guys are processing loans also. I have used cashkumar for my currency exchange and it was a great experience. I got a better rate then my office agent then. I want to take a travel soon and I will come back to you guys for it.

Sharma 4/5
Information o your site on CIBIL was very helpful.

Prakash 3/5
I have been working in the IT industry for a couple of years and wanted to move into my own home. The deposit was high but I kow someone who works in cashkumar and he said that I can take a personal loan to pay it. This is a very good option for people who want to move into their own houses because deposits are high.

Mangat 4/5
I wanted to check if this service is available in Vashi? I live here and was wondering if their agents cater to the area for my forms and everything. If anyone knows please share the details.

Darshan 4/5
I have applied for a travel loan through the site but it says that I will not be able to get one at good interest rate. What is the point if I cant get a loan? It is not been helpful for me.


Dear Mr. Darshan, There are many factors that banks/NBFCs evaluate before giving you are loan. We try our best to present your case to all of them and try to get the best rate for you. But the ultimate decision of giving a loan and rate of intrest depends on the bank. Unfortunately the company you work for is not recognized by any of the banks/NBFCs and that is why you got a higher rate of interest.

Cashkumar Team

Irfan 4/5
I think the service is great guys but you canot always blame the website. I can tell you that I got a marriage loan at a very good deal but my friend was unfortunately denied a loan. But the team was helpful to him and he got to know why he didnÕt get a loan. He had not paid his credit card balace for sometime and hence he was not eligible.

Ashwini 4.5/5
I got a loan from these guys and many thanks. I desperately wanted the money for an emergency but was not getting a loan from the banks. Cashkumar submitted it to one of the NBFCs and I got the loan but at slightly higher interest rate. Didnt mind paying a higher rate because getting the loan was important.

Prakash 4.5/5
Good site and you really help. I recommend it. The person who took my request was very knowledgeble and explained the process well. I also got a lot of information on how to choose a loan based on my requirement like amount, tenure and pre-closure. Overall a very good experience.

Lohit 4/5
Cashkumar is a good option for people seeking loans. The website is very informative and it gives a lot of details. I would recommend it to everyone.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.0 / 5.0  by 14 users

Personal Loan Delhi Ncr Reviews

kishan raj 4.5/5
They are very good for loans. their people called me every day to tell me status of my loan. best service and help from a site. i got loan from icici bank

Dheeraj 4/5
Thanks for the loan team. It was eally simple. Appreciate the regular updates by your team.

Pinky Thakur 4/5
Prompt response on placing a request. I also like the fact that your team highlighted to me the challenge with my Cibil score. I will work towards getting that rectified at the earliest.

Rajani 5/5
Great platform and a good follow up by the team. Helpe me submit the dcuments with Bajaj Finserv with great ease. Would definitely help spread the word.

Amarjeet S 4/5
One of my friend highlighted you platform for foreign exchange and thatÕs where I identified that you also deal with loans. I was looking for a personal loan for my honemooon travel to Mauartius and your platform happened to be a one stop for my insurance, forex as well as loan. While I have got my forex and I loved the experience, I am hoping to get the personal loan in Delhi in quick time.

Sumeet 4/5
I was exploring a personal loan in Delhi where I stumbled upon Cashkumar. Spoke to a one of the cofounders to understand that the loans paltform just went live. But the experience is phenomenal. I am sure you guys will do great. However, still to get a call from the bank guys :)

Harsh Chandra 3/5
Simple to use website and liked the flow of questions. However, I suggest that you also look at a quick option to showing a loan offer. Just a suggestion :)

Jai 4/5
I like the total way you have developd this website. There is a lot of details you can get from the site and also apply for a loan easily

Ganesh Acharya 4.5/5
I got a loan from HDFC bank through this website. It was a smooth process and I was informed about all the steps in advance. The website was easy to use ad I look forward to using more of your services like forex and insurance. I have added you guys to my friends list. Look forward to my updates.

Ameet 4.5/5
My friend recommended this site to me when I was thinking about taking a loan. I had actually applied for the loan somewhere else but still the staff was happy to help and me let me know more information about interest rates etc.

Kabir 2.5/5
I dot know if you work with all the banks and how can you ensure I get a low interest rate for a loan. How does the process work and how are you better than a bank?


Dear Kabir, we are an aggregation site and work with almost all the known banks and NBFCs. What happens is that different institutions will give you different rates based on your eligibility and details. If you apply to one bank then you might not know if you get a better deal from aother one. So the advantage of applying through us is that we will give you all the options and you can choose the best one.

Cashkumar Team

Karan 4/5
Excellent work guys!!! Really appreciate how your team responded and helped me get a loan with Tata capital.

Som 3.5/5
It is interesting and helpful. I live in rohini and I got a renovation loan for my house.

Shekar 5/5
The website is extremely helpful and interactive. The form is easy to read and fill. I got an approval for my loan pretty quickly and they gave me good advice and information on how to get a loan. I liked to get the loan from cashkumar.

Manmeet Singh 4/5
A personal loan in delhi search was made extremely easy. Thanks for this paltform. Please do show the banks eligible at the earliest. It will be great. Good going.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.0 / 5.0  by 15 users

Personal Loan Pune Reviews

girish kirthane 4/5
iam very happy with the service provided by cashkumar team and have got a loan of 2lakhs from indusind bank in pune city. they have made life easy for people taking personal loan

Rohan 4/5
All my best wishes to the team. Have applied for a loan and the experience was great. A very helpful young team of talented professionals. Hope to meet you guys when iam in your city.

Swapna 4/5
A friend who had used cashkumar for forex recommended them to me to get a medical loan recently. I had a very good experience with the entire process and they tried to process it as quickly as possible.

Girish 4/5
Hey guys, thank a lot of helping me with the mortgage loan. I really needed the money and it was good of you to present me with this option since I was not getting eligibility for a business loan.

Nilesh 4/5
This is a very good way to get a low interest loan. Cashkumar will give you a comparison between different banks and present you the best deal. It helps to know the situation between different banks and you can take the best decision.

Clara 4/5
this site has some of the best deals for different types of loans like personal loan, marriage loan, travel loan etc. I got a travel loan from the site and iam very happy with the loe interest rate I got from HDFC bank from this site.

Harshal 4/5
I have come to Pune to study and I have also got a job here. I recently wanted to renovate my home and took a loan from Cashkumar site. I got a very good rate and a quick approval for the loan. Thanks cashkumar.

Prateek 2/5
Did not get a loan from the site. Not helpful at all. Very low rating and angry they give big promises

Ashish 5/5
Very good service guys. I was not going to get a loan but they advised me to get a co-applicant which will increase my eligibility. So I got my wife to apply along with me and the loan was sanctioned. Cashkumar also told me what documents to keep ready for the agents to pick up and the whole process became very smooth. I have to thank you all for the good work and for getting me a personal loan.

Manav 4/5
a good helpful site which gives a lot of information about the loans available, documents required and eligibility. There is also a section for pensioners and NRIs getting personal loans which is very important.

Rakesh 4/5
It is nice to see sites like these which break through all the banks messages and bring you the best interest rate. Sometimes banks might not be able to give low rate but another bank or NBFC will be able to give a loan. So sites like this make it easy for customers like us.

Pallavi 4/5
My colleague told me about the site and I applied for a personal loan through it. The service was good but a bit slow. Overall it is good because I got the loan in the end.

Kajal 5/5
I have used their forex service before traveling abroad and got good rates from currency exchange agents who bid for your business. Iam looking at evaluating them for a business loan now and there is a lot of good information on the website as well as excellent support. i recommend them whole-heartedly to everyone.

Dinesh 4/5
Quite a notable service and good support from everyone. I got a personal loan and they helped a lot.

Srividya 4.5/5
Excellent site and very good service. I wanted to get 2lakhs for marriage loan and I got it from this site through Bajaj Finserv

Nikhil 4/5
This is a great concept for us in Pune. I have used your forex services before and was very happy with the rate I got and the doorstep service. So it is not surprise that I was happy you are also offering loans. There is a good selection of banks like ICICI, HDFC, Kotak and institutions like Tata, Bajaj and Fullerton to get a loan from. I look forward to interacting with you guys again.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.0 / 5.0  by 16 users

Personal Loan Hyderabad Reviews

Siddharth 4/5
Got a great offer from kotak bank for taking over my loans and card balance. the interst rate was 11.29%. why i preferred cashkumar was that they immediately called me and gave different options. they also co-ordinated everything with the bank. will recommend to my friends.

Sridhar 4/5
I have got my personal loan with a great offer through this site. They informed me about part payment option which is what i exactly wanted. If not I might have gone for a loan with a bank where even if the rate of interest was lower, i would not have been able to part pay. Thank you for sharing this information and getting me a perfect loan

Ravish 4.5/5
This is great service. The people are nice and they have helped with loan . Always they are telling me what happen with bank. I got 1 lakh from fullrton

Rehaan 5/5
I had to search a bit to find your site but it was good I searched. Because I have interacted with a coupld of call centres and their response was not good. I also checked a couple of other sites but overall your site was friendly and easy to understand.

supriya 4.5/5
One of my friend told me about this site and I recommended it to my uncle who was looking for a business loan. He is very happy he got the loan and I will apply for a travel loan soon.

Ratna 4.5/5
Very good service for people like us. I applied for a marriage loan for my daughter and even though there was some confusion at first, the girl who spoke with me cleared everything and showed me the full process of getting a good loan.

Reddy 3/5
All websites are giving good service for loans but there is no home loans here


Sorry Mr. Reddy, we could not help now but we shall bring in home loans soon.

Cashkumar Team

Navitha Srinivas 4/5
We were taking a travel loan to go aborad with the kids and it was really nice to have website like this to apply.

Sukumar 4/5
I have just used this the website and I think this is an excellent service. I got a medical loan without any fuss for the treatment of my dad. The interest rate is low but the response time was amazing. Since I wanted a medical loan they hurried the entire process from their side and saw to it that I got it in the least possible time.

Christieb 2/5
I was a bit disappointed with the service because a lot of people have written good things about the site. The approval took some time and I was also not happy with the agent who came to collect my documents. He did not have a lot of answers to my questions.


We are sorry about the experience Christie. The bank has to approve your application based on your eligibility and trust us that we always keenly follow up for every application. Sometimes there will be delays and it is out of our control. About the agent, we recommend that you always call us for additional information because the collection executives are not experts in this area.

Cashkumar Team

shashidharn 4/5
I have used the services of cashkumar and it was good service because they have a emicalculator and it helped me to know what kind of payments I have to make before taking the loan.

Ramesh 5/5
I was surprised because I was about to take a loan from one bank which has my account but I got better rate of interest from another after applying through this site.

Poorna 4/5
I have got a medical loan and there is much information on the site about all these loans. There is an article which a friend sent to me on cashkumar blogs which actually helped me choose this site.

tejasvi.k 4/5
I got a loan from ICICI bank very quickly. Staff is very helpful and assisted me a lot in the process.

Ramakrishna 4/5
Yes this is a nice way to get a loan. They are helping with documentation process also and the site has a lot of information on how to choose a loan and technical things like CIBIL scores and how they affect my eligibility.

Chandana 5/5
easy to use and helpful with tons of information. Good service guys

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.1 / 5.0  by 16 users

Personal Loan Ahmedabad Reviews

Sejal 4/5
Good concept and the service was OK here in Ahmedabad. They replied to my request quickly and gave me a lot of options on the choice for a personal loan. The final service was a bit slow but it did not matter much to me as my loan request was approved. They are on par with any other site you will come across which also works with different banks on loans.

Meraj 4/5
Overall a very good concept and quick response time. The options for different kinds of loans was a new thought. I did not know that you can use personal loans for anything including marriage and travel. I wanted money for my marriage and this came as a good option. They also had quick and easy approval.

Praneet 4/5
Good work by the entire Cashkumar team in getting me a loan. A friend recommended this to me and it is a very nice service to have options from all the banks.

Sagar 4/5
The process was simple and I had to fill up a nice form which was easy to understand. After this they gave me a call to confirm the details and tell me what rate of interest I might get. After I agreed an agent came to my house to collect documents and the loan was given. Good website and hope many people use it.

Bhavesh 4/5
There are many sites doing this now a days and I came across cashkumar searching for one. So the whole thing was done well and I got a renovation loan at a good rate of interest. I will visit the site again if I want a loan sometime in future.

Romesh 4/5
I got a loan from icici bank from your website. The staff were very nice and spoke to me well. I got the loan at a good rate so thanks to icici bank and cashkumar for it.

Sameer 5/5
I filled the forms but got a very late response from the team but they said sorry and then did everything fast to get me a loan from tata.

Gajendra 4/5
after filling up the form I got a response but they said that loan could not be processed now because I did not have a cibil score because I did not use a credit card. They asked me to get a card and use it before applying. It was helpful to know about this and thank you to Cashkumar.

Azeem 4/5
The website is very good in terms of the information they provide. I was looking to get a loan and it has a lot of details on what is eligibility and in what cases banks give a low interest personal loan.

Chirag 4/5
Hi Iam Chirag and I applied for a travel loan on this site. Overall the service was quite good and they called me after I filled the forms. They finally got me a loan from fullerton

Janice 5/5
I have been working here for a pharma company for some time and my husband is a professor. He had applied for a personal loan and the people at cashkumar were very helpful. They said he might not get it himself and advised us to apply for it together. I became a co-applicant and our loan was approved quickly. So thank you to all the people there.

Museeb 4/5
A very good platform for people like us who are busy and cannot run after all the banks. I got a business loan from them and I did not have to do anything other than apply and give my documents. Cashkumar people took care of everything else and they called and told me what was happening. if you are taking a loan then apply with them

tara 4/5
very good work cashkumarÉ.i got the loan I needed from kotak. Thank you for the help!!

Brij 4/5
all in all a good webiste for getting loans. I needed a medical loan and they helped me get it for a good rate of interest from the best loan provider

Hemant 4/5
I was looking for a personal loan for which I can pay emi. The emi calculator on this website told me the amount I should apply for. So I applied and got a easy approval and best rate for personal loan from bajaj. I can now pay this emi and clear the loan.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.1 / 5.0  by 15 users

Personal Loan Kochi Reviews

Saravana 4/5
I am very happy I came to this website for my loan. The reply is quick and the service very good. They compare loans from different banks and tell you about EMI calculator and cibil as well as other things. Thaks to them I got a personal loan at the lowest interest rate from hdfc bank.

Naveen 4/5
I got a travel loan from bajaj finserv through this portal. It is a very interesting idea to check for loans from every bank and offer the one from the best loan provider. It greatly reduced my effort and also gave me a low rate of interest. I recommend Cashkumar to every per who requires a loan.

Guruprasad 4/5
hello iam guruprasad from Kochi. How can I get a loan from your site. I need the money quickly and I do not want to approach all the banks as it will become very late then


Hi Guruprasad, we will be happy to help you with the process. You just have to click on the apply for loan link and fill in the form which ask for your personal and financial details. After you fill it we will revert to you and confirm these details as also advice you on the possible rate of interest you will get. Once you confirm this we will send the details to the bank and inform you when the documents will be collected. then the bank will take over and service your application. The most we cab hope for is for the application to be processed in 72 hours if you respond on time.

Cashkumar Team

Anna 4.5/5
Cashkumar team, it was great interacting with you and applying for a loan. The whole application process want extremely well and your staff was very helpful with advice. I finally got a good offer from citibank and I have taken the loan. I will tell about your service to all my friends and i have already liked your page as you asked for :)

Faiyaz 4/5
Sir, this is a very good attempt to help us get loans in Kochi. I was happy that your people answered all my questions and told me about the best loan providers in the city from whom I can get a loan. Iam looking forward for my application to go through now.

Ranil 3/5
my application has still not been approved and I was trying to call your number but it is engaged!!!


Hi Ranil, apologies for your inconvenience. We do get a lot of requests in a day and sometimes the phone lines are occupied. We have noted your calls and will even now we are dialing your number to reach you. Regret the inconvenience!!!

Cashkumar Team

Anthony 4/5
Hi, well a good way to take a loan and appreciate what cashkumar has done to help me get it. They told me about the eligibility criteria and how it will affect my approval. Thankfully everything was all right and my loan got approved so thanks to Cahskumar and its staff.

Praveen 4/5
I came to the site through a blog which referred to 10 mistakes that people make while applying for a personal loan. The article was eye-opening and revealed a lot of infomrtion on what not to do. There are so many silly mistakes we can make which will end up in rejection of application. I suggest the article to everyone and thanks to cashkumar for sharing the information.

Shruthi 4.5/5
Hello, Iam very happy with your response and service. I applied for a travel loan through your site and got extremely good advice. I also started chatting with your person on traveling and we had informal talk on places we will go to. This is very good customer service and made me feel really nice that your person did not try to hurry me and actually wanted to share a good talk. With such people you will always have customers coming in.

Vinod 4.5/5
My friend recommended cahskumar to me and i am happy with their service.

Manoj 4/5
Excellent website with a lot of information on various things connected to loans. They have EMI calculator


documents required, eligibility calculator and also sections for different types of loans. Good for doing homework on loans and also applying for one.

Cashkumar Team

Biju 5/5
Well laid out and informative website guys. The good point is the pain you have take to make it instructive for customers while also keeping a clean transactional interface!!! Will recommend to friends who need a loan.

Pooja 5/5
Hi, my renovation loan request with kotak was handled very well and I got a quick approval for my loan. Thanks to you all.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.2 / 5.0  by 13 users

Personal Loan Lucknow Reviews

Irshad 4/5
hello, I liked your service very well. The caller from your site told me about what I should have for loans from different banks and also about cibil. I have just got approved from fullerton.

Yuvraj 5/5
I took a look at your ite while searching on google. I like the way you have put everything in different sections. I was also looking for a personal loan and as soon as I applied got a call from your people confirming details. This is very good response and better than many other people. now looking to see if my loan will be approved.

Prakash 5/5
I am happy that my loan was processed without delay thanks for cashkumar. They sent a person to my home in Lucknow to collect the documents and also phoned me after to check if everything went well. I got a loan from bajaj for a good rate of interest

Manasi 4.5/5
I have had a very good experience wirh cashkumar and iam happy I applied for a medical loan through their website. They gave me lot of points on the best way to get a low interest loan. Since my case was urgent they did everything to get the quick loan. thanks.

Varun 3.5/5
The staff at Cashkyumar is very nice and they helped a lot for me.

Sangeeta 3/5
Hi, this is sangeeta from Lucknow. I had used your site last week to apply for a loan and it is ot processed yet. What is the reason for this?


Hi Sangeeta, apologies but sometime the process can take a while. We have to check with all our partners to see where you can get the best rate of interest and sometime there is a delay in their response. We have just flagged it off and will call you by this evening. Regret the delay and we do appreciate you writing on our site. We are always ready to take note of any mistakes and fix them.

Cashkumar Team

Sanman 5/5
Dealing with you guys was a great experience because of the personal service I received. Your staff gave me a lot of information which was very helpful and I will be extra careful of my credit rating going forward. Anyway thanks to the team for trying your best. I will come back the next time when i want to apply and also recommend you guys to my friends and relatives.

Imran 4.5/5
Thank you for your effort in getting me a marriage loan. I did not know you could get a loan for that until I visited your website. It was very informative on how I can use the money after taking a loan. Really appreciate sites like yours which operate for a common man.

Shagun 5/5
I really like your site and I showed it to my bro-in-law who wanted business loan. He got lot of information and I think he will apply for that loan soon.

Garima 3/5
Hi cashkumar, I applied for a travel loan on your website and iam waiting for your call. Please call soon and let me know the status.

Arun 4/5
I got a low rate of interest for my loan from ICICI bank. Very good service given at my doorstep by cashkumar to collect all my documents and also follow up by phone. Great work!!!

Jacob 4/5
I came upon this site reading a online article someone had sent me. It is very easy to use compared to some other sites and they have a lot of information too.

Brajesh 4/5
I got a loan from tata capital through this site. The experience was very good and interest rate was very reasonable. The approval was also fast.

Awasthi 4/5
This is a very good service sir and I have applied for a mortgage loan through your site for some money I needed. The girl who spoke with me on phone gave lot of help and told me how much banks will approve. It is a good thing you are doing and big help for people who want loan.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.2 / 5.0  by 14 users

Personal Loan Baroda Reviews

Kunal 4.5/5
I wanted a PL in Baroda and I got in very fast with the help of your team. Thanks!

Raghavendra 4.5/5
Nice experience and a loan was disbursed faster than expected. Cool stuff.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.5 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Nasik Reviews

Mehak Krupa 5/5
My personal loan in Nasik was at a good 14.5% ROI and was disbursed very quick. Thanks

Sudeep Charles 4.5/5
Loan process was very simple and the team was extremely helpful. Good going team Cashkumar.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.8 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Jaipur Reviews

Sundar 5/5
I have taken a loan in Jaipur earlier but this time you guys helped me with a better rate of interest. Thanks for launching the site in Jaipur

Hemant Kumar 5/5
I liked the prompt updates that I got from the team and also the loan was disbursed really quick. Superb platform

Cashkumar has been rated an average    5.0 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Jamshedpur Reviews

Ram Sharma 5/5
I in Jamshedpur wanted a personal loan and I got is very fast from bank. Thank you for making a personal loan in Jamshedpur so simple.

Suven S 4/5
Got my personal loan at 16% which is better than what i got and offer from outside. Processing fee was a little high. Thanks.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.5 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Chandigarh Reviews

Sudarshan 4.5/5
My loan in Chandigarh from Fullerton was done very quick. Thank you for the help.

Ganga 4.5/5
Simple and easy to use site and prompt support from the team for my personal loan requirement at Chandigarh

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.5 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Coimbatore Reviews

Kiran K 4.5/5
In Coimbatore my personal loan was quickly credited to my bank account. The rate of interest was very good and the process was simple. Thank you.

Ramana 5/5
I am very happy with what I got from Cashkumar. The personal loan was very quickly disbursed to my account. I will definitely recommend other for the same.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.8 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Bhubaneswar Reviews

Sandeep 4.5/5
Bhubaneshwar personal loan was a breeze thanks to Cashkumar. I got a PL at 16% in

Kapil P 4.5/5
My loan was very fast disbursed in my account. Customer support of Cashkumar was also very good. I got my loan at 14% interest rate. Thank you

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.5 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Surat Reviews

Sunil Y 4.5/5
I did the whole documentation for a personal loan in Surat very quick with the bank but the money took 10 days to hit my account. I had to submit papers twice. I am still very happy as I got a very good interest rate

Arpan 5/5
Nice and easy to use website. The interest rates are also very good. Please add car loan also.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.8 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Aurangabad Reviews

Lohit 5/5
I did not know how to get a personal loan in Aurangabad and found Cashkumar when I googled. Awesome experience and well managed. Thanks.

Rakesh 5/5
Very nice service and loan was at 17% so I am very happy. Good website also for personal loan in Aurangabad

Cashkumar has been rated an average    5.0 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Trivandrum Reviews

Karan 4.5/5
I got a great deal from ICICI. The search for my personal loan here in Trivandrum was really easy thanks to this easy to use platform.

I got a loan from HDFC for 18% and it was very easy. I did not have to go to any branch. 4.5/5

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.5 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Ludhiana Reviews

Susheel 5/5
Ludhina mein accha loan offer mila. Thank you Cashkumar.

Agarwal 5/5
My Ludhiana personal hunt was made simple with the help of thsi platform. Nice going team.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    5.0 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Bhopal Reviews

Wasim 5/5
Shruthi, Dhiren - Thank you so much. It is so nice of you to take my calls and keep me updated even on holidays

Jagadish 4/5
I would like to know what interest rate you offer in my city. I apply if its low sir?


We would request you to upload your details on our platform so we can figure out the lowest interest rate for you. We work with different banks and the interest rate you get depends entirely on your eligibility. Please call us on +91 9535800900 so we can explain everything. Thanks!

Cashkumar Team

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.5 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Vijayawada Reviews

Mythiri 5/5
I give 5 of 5 rating, today your people came to my house as per promise and collected all papers documents from home. Hoping the loan amount will also be released so quickly

Amar 4.5/5
best interest rates, best advice and best service, i want to thank the person who called me for arranging my loan without leaving my home. She was very helpful

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.8 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Mysore Reviews

Suresh 5/5
Mysore being a relative small city, I did not know who to reach out for a loan in Mysore. Cashkumar helped tremendously to get a great loan offer.

Bharath 4.5/5
I was in Infosys in Mysore and Cashkumar got me a great offer from ICICI. I liked the experience on the paltform. Thanks team.

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.8 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Nagpur Reviews

Keerthana 5/5
I wanted a loan in Nagpur for my Bike. Got a good offer, better than the one at the showroom

Ramkesh 4.5/5
Good and easy wasy to explor emultiple offers. Thanks Cashkumar team for my loan in Nagpur

Cashkumar has been rated an average    4.8 / 5.0  by 2 users

Personal Loan Visakhapatnam Reviews

Chandru 5/5
Was very confused for several weeks about which bank to choose. so much paperwok, so many hidden terms. but Im so glad I chose cashkumar, got a superb loan at low interest rate

Srinath 4/5
hi cash kumar, please help, i want to know which interest is lowest between axis, hdfc and tata for salaried?


Hello, we will be glad to help. Please reach us by calling us on the helpline number (+91 9535800900) or leave your details on our platform. Thanks!

Cashkumar Team

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Personal Loan Dehradun Reviews

Chetan 4.5/5
In Dehradun, I went to a bank and checked on the loan process but was not sure of the best offer. Cashkumar search amde that easy and I got a good deal.

Gautham 5/5
I got a good offer for 16% which helped me undergo a knee surgery. Thank you Cashkumar team. Support from your team was very good.

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Personal Loan Cuttack Reviews

Farah 4.5/5
Easy loan in Cuttak via Cashkumar. The search was simple and I got a very good offer of 16%.

Ashutosh 3.5/5
The process was little longer that what I expected but I guess thats because no security taken for this loan. Great help from the Cashkumar team.

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Personal Loan Indore Reviews

Abhay 4.5/5
Personal loan in Indore was easy to get. Very good interest rate also for my loan.

Sanjay 5/5
Thanks guys for helping me with the loan for my house rennovations. Easy perosnal loans in Indore with Cashkumar.

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