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Private Finance Interest Rates in Delhi NCR from 18% onwards for the month of May 2024

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Private finance is an easy and secure way of obtaining funds for your requirements if you are an individual or business entity in Delhi. Among the many needs that arise in life- weddings, travel, medical needs, home renovation, business operations or business expansion need a source for funds and the answer is quick loans or loans of short duration. Delhi is a large city including towns like Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and Faridabad to form the National Capital Region (NCR) and its expanding populace has increasing need for finance. Sources like banks and NBFCs provide and cater to a large part of this need in the city and alternative channels like P2P private finance provide a recourse for people who cannot qualify on their criteria.

Delhi is home to a lot of small and medium sector firms, industries, shops and trade outlets which apply for business loans on a regular basis. Individuals are also in need or personal loans to meet their current requirements and obligations. In a lot of cases banks and NBFCs reject these requests for lack of adequate eligibility criteria like company working in, past history or business revenues. Individual private money lenders look at alternate criteria the most important of which is the capability to pay back the loan. They levy an interest which is mutually acceptable and after scrutinizing documents like your salary, income after current obligations and cash flows, bank statements as well as balance sheet in the case of a business.

You will need to sign legal papers as well as issue PDCs to the private lender for your EMIs to finalize the loan process. The borrower can put these funds to any individual or business use as per your requirement and paid back in equal instalments. The main feature of P2P private finance is the short-term nature and quick disbursal of the loan amount. This helps meet your urgent requirements and the amount can be paid back in a short duration to the private lender.

For more information on private finance in Delhi or private finance in Delhi, contact us on the numbers give on this site or fill in your requirements in the form and send it to us. You can also check your eligibility through our eligibility calculator, know more about interest rates for personal loan as also know your possible monthly payments through our EMI Calculator.

If you need a Private Finance in Delhi-NCR, you must have a good credit history and adequate salary to get your personal loan sanctioned with a Bank or an NBFC in Delhi NCR. Other factors like years of employment, company you work for etc will determine the most important factors like amount, tenure and rate of interest. Some of the banks in Delhi-NCR give you the flexibility to pre-close the loan without any additional charges. Most banks have a pre-closure charge in the 4%-5% range.

Eligibility Criteria for Private Finance in Delhi NCR

  • Age of the applicant should be between 21-60 Years
  • Salaried individual with minimum income of Rs 20,000. Salary bracket would again depend on the city you live in and the company you work for. Eg. If you are in a Metro the salary requirement will be higher than non-metro and again if you are working in a top MNC the salary requirement would be lesser than one working with a startup.
  • Should be staying in the city for at least 1 Year
  • Total work experience should be at least 2 Years
  • You would require basic documentation such as your address proof, identity proof, latest bank statements etc
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Documents Required for Delhi NCR Private Finance

  • Three passport size photographs
  • ID proof – Passport/voter ID/ Aadhar or drivers licence
  • Residence Proof – Passport/ Landline bill/ post paid mobile bill/ rental agreement or Bank Statement
  • Pan Card copy
  • Age Proof – Passport/ drivers licence/school certificate or Pan Card copy
  • Income Proof - Latest 3 months salary slips
  • Banking Statement - 6 months bank statements
  • Job Stability & Continuity – Offer Letter, Relieving Letter and Form 16
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